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Activities in Akagera National Park

Activities in Akagera national park are the undertakings or things that tourists visiting Akagera National park participate in to make their trip more exciting and remarkable.  Activities in Akagera national park are unique and special in the way that it is only parked in Rwanda where the big 5 Animals can be spotted which makes the great feeling for traveling who love mature on game drives.

It is prudent that as the travelers you plan to visit Akagera national park as it an among the top 5 tourist attractions that should not miss on your itinerary for Rwanda. There are very many activities to participate in while visiting this park ranging from, boat cruise, game drives to nature walks. The detailed tourism activities in Akagera national park that can add value to your experience in Rwanda include the following;

Boat cruise

Boat cruise in Akagera National park is one of the enthralling activities that tourists visiting Rwanda’s Akagera national park participate in as to encounter or explore different wildlife species as they sail on waters of different lakes within the park.

In Akagera national park, there are several water bodies where boat cruise trips and safaris are conducted. Mostly Boat cruise trips in Akagera National park are carried out on Lake Shakani, and Lake Ihema within the park.

While on your boat cruise you will spot different bird species such as the jacanas, the great African fish eagle, the hawk, kingfisher, black-headed weavers, Senegal lapwings, the egrets, cormorants, shoebill stork among very many others. Other animals especially elephants and buffaloes can be seen slaking their thirst from the lakes, hippos, and crocodiles are also among the species sighted while on a boat cruise.

Game drives in Akagera national park

This is one of the popular safari activity that is carried out by visitors when they visiting and exploring the different tourist activities within Akagera National Park. Rwanda’s Akagera National park is a re-known destination for the big five wild animal species that cannot be traced and found within any other park in this country.

Tourist visiting Akagera national park will be able to see the big five animals which comprise of elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants on a game drive, game drives in this park is an amazing activity that brings you closer to the animals in the wild. While on game drives within Akagera National park, expect to see different plants, animals, and butterfly species.

Game drives in  Akagera national park can be carryout out in three different ways, which include game drives in the morning, game drive in the afternoon, and those the game drives. All these game drives lead you to a better experience with the animals that move in different time frames. The night game drives will enable you to see animals that do not usually move in the morning and afternoon especially the carnivorous and the other nocturnal.

Sport fishing in Akagera National park

Sport fishing in Akagera National park is the most interesting activity that is carried out in the Akagera national park. Sportfishing involves tourists carrying out fishing activities for pleasure for other than commercial purposes. In Akagera National park, however, after sport fishing, you will be given a fish as a reward for participating in the activity.  Sport fishing is done at Lakes Shakani and Ihema within Akagera National park.

The activity of sport fishing can also be conducted while your on boat cruise safaris as you cruise around the lakes seeing different animal species like hippopotamuses and giant crocodiles on the shore sunbathing or targeting their prey.

Bird watching

Bird watching activity in Akagera National Park involves tourists traversing different sections of this park using different trails on the outlook of different bird species that the park harbors. The activity of bird watching in Akagera is awesome since it hosts different bird species that cannot be found in any other national park in Rwanda.

Bird watching activity in Akagera National Park is the most popular activity for birders and other tourists visiting Akagera National Park because of the highest number of bird species that the bird species inhabit. The Akagera National Park is also known as birders haven in addition to wildlife safaris of game drives, nature walks, and very many others.

You will spot different bird species of which some of them are prevalent in Akagera National Park. While on bird watching safari in Akagyera National park expect to see birds notably terraces,Hermakorp, Africa Fish eagle, pied crow, Africa darter, red-faced barbet, long-tailed Cistola, Suaza shrike and shoebill that can be spotted in various sections of the park especially on the logged areas.

Nature walks

Are you finding aplace to have relaxing moments or trips to Rwanda?, then Akagera National park is the solution to the so stressing or tiresome environment you have been experiencing home. By visiting the Akagera national park, you will engage in different activities including nature walks. These can be carried out with the help of professional guides.

You will be able to see several tourist attractions within the park especially animals, butterflies, and several plant species.  If you want to experience the great biodiversity of the park then you should not miss participating in Natural walks in Akagera national park. The nature walks encompass following the designated trails that will lead you to swamps and lakes where different bird species can be spotted.

Cultural encounters or visits

Cultural visits are organized between the park management and the local community to increase community tourism awareness.  By doing this, tourists visiting Akagera national park can tour villages such as Humure refugee village and Inena cultural villages to understand and appreciate the role of Rwandan local culture to its natives.

During cultural encounters or visits in Humure refugee village, you will learn how the local Rwanda people prepare local Rwandan cuisines, how they prepare local beer from bananas, milking cows, and how they rear long-horned cattle. The visits to Inena cultural village you will be told about Rwandan culture via local artifacts, storytelling which are interactive and educative the moment you step in villages adjacent to the park.

You can as well participate in other activities outside the park such as visiting Rusumo falls, the museum, presidential palace, the genocide war memorial sites among others.