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How to access Akagera National park Rwanda

How to access Akagera National park? Usually this a disturbing question especially to travelers who have never gone to Akagera National Park in Rwanda on a destination. Anyway, it’s an incumbent upon us as Africa adventure vacations to avail you with different routes and directions of how best you can access Akagera National Park for your best safaris destination in magical Rwanda the land of a thousand hills.

Akagera National park is among the famous tourism destinations in Rwanda located in the northeastern part of the country at the border of Rwanda with the republic of Tanzania. Visitors can drive for only 110kilometers from Rwanda’s Capital city Kigali to which is approximately about 2-3hours drive. Tourists to this park will expose you to precious evergreen vegetation cove and a variety of wildlife species, so dare not to miss this opportunity.

Akagera national park offers immerse activities that are appealing to the visitors and where they can participate in while their minds are truly relaxed. The most appealing activities where you can participate and have the perfect time of your life include boat riding /cruising at Ihema lake, bird watching, game drives, nature walks and having cultural encounter tours from the people close to Akagera national park as you come you prepare for your night game drives or after afternoon boat cruise.

Akagera national park as well and top destination in Rwanda is well accessible to the visitors with roads and trails leading to well upheld to ensure and facilitate easy movement of visitors in and out of the park. As an international, you can easily enter Rwanda by taking a flight to Kigali international airport which is away 5 kilometers from the city of Kigali in Kanombe suburb of this city still.

From Kigali international airport buy using a private vehicle you now plan your journey to Akagera national park. From the capital city, you drive out towards the airport, then after you have driven 100meters before the airport on your left.by turning on your left, you be driving to the eastern direction to Rwamagana then proceed to Kayonza.

Here you will turn your right  and you drive until you see a Discentre station on the left side of the road as you get into the town of Kabarondo. From here you will drive till you reach another junction of  Rwinkwavu after you have driven around 15kilometers then here you will spot assign post-reading Akagera national park on your left then you drive another 13kilometers to reach the park gate.

Akagera National park can be best reached through both road and air transport

Access Akagera National park by Road transport

this is the most popular transport means where visitors travel by using private cars to access Akagera National Park. As long as the travelers land at Kigali International airport, they can use either a bus provided very many bus companies in Kigali or a private vehicle and you drive to Kayonza or Kibungo. From both Kayonza and Kibungo town, there no public means of transport to Akagera National park. From here you can hire or board a private vehicle that can lead you to the park regardless of the still park entrance gate where the car leads you to.

From the tourist experience using public transport means is somehow frantic and tiresome and this has led to many tourists hire private vehicles for better comfortability. Tour Companies such as Africa adventure vacations have been used by most of the tourists to arrange their astonishing packages to destinations like Akagera National park.  Traveling with Africa adventure vacations is crucial as it offers spacious vehicles, experienced guides who prove supplementary services to you our clients by directing where best sceneries a red located.

We advise our clients to use a four-wheel-drive vehicle when accessing Akagera National Park because of its ability to navigate via muddy roads when it rains and slippery when roads are sloppy. Usually, wet conditions result in roads leading to the park getting so muddy which requires the presence of the 4×4 vehicle to successfully pass through.

Access Akagera National park by Air transport

this the quickest means of transport to reach  Akagera National park whereby travelers flies to Kigali international airports and connect to the park directly by road transport.  However, Akagera Aviation provides flights to the park.

We recommend that for first-time travelers to Rwanda especially for Akagera destination to use the services of Tour operators like Africa Adventure Vacations that will help you plan and organize everything ranging from accommodation, transportation, and booking services. Africa Adventure Vacations has got experienced staff and we have several travelers to Akagera National park