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Best way to access Lake Kivu Rwanda

Are looking for the best way to access Lake Kivu for safari adventure activities in Rwanda?  The horror of volcanic forces caused hot magma beneath the earth’s surface to be forced upwards via the vent onto the ground to create a create that later expanded to create the magnificence Kivu lake that has become a popular tourist attraction destination in Rwanda.

Lake Kivu is located at the border of Rwanda with the democratic republic of Congo. It is the largest freshwater lake in Rwanda and takes the seventh position on the African continent. It is about 90 kilometres long and 50 meters in width well situated in the East African rift valley, Lake Kivu is drained by rive Ruzizi which flows up to Lake Tanganyika.

Lake Kivu is a prime pillar in Rwanda tourism development as it provides different activities to travelers who are interested in exploring it. The major tourist activities offered at Lake Kivu include bird watching, boat cruise, swimming, beach walks, plantation visits, Nyungwe National Park among others.

Lake Kivu can be accessed by using both air and road transport from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

Access Lake Kivu Rwanda by Road

You will spend 3 hours driving on a well-tarmacked road from Kigali city to Lake Kivu on the road. Alternatively, you can access Lake Kivu by using the towns of Gisenyi, Kibuye, and Cyangugu. Public transport means are also available from Kigali city as you can board a bus from Kigali city to either in Kibuye, Changugu or Gishenyi, buses here operate daily.

Access Lake Kivu Rwanda by Air transport

Visitors can also access Lake Kivu by using chartered flights which are available at Kigali international airport. From here you will be airlifted to Gisenyi airport where you will connect to Lake Kivu for relaxation and exploration

Lake Kivu is one of the indisputable destinations in Rwanda that any tourist visiting Rwanda can’t forget to call on. This lake can be visited all the time of the year and various travelers both local and international have visited this magnificent water pint destination. Don’t miss this chance just come and explore more about Rwanda’s destination by booking with us.

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