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Access to Nyungwe Forest National Park

Access to Nyungwe Forest National Park: Situated in the southwestern part of Rwanda adjacent to Lake Kivu is a trading center or town is known as Cyangungu bordering two countries of Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nyungwe Forest national park is the best tourism resource that has boosted the growth of the tourism industry in Rwanda. This park provides the best destination for chimpanzee tracking with the park harboring more than 400 chimpanzees that reside in different groups.

The re-known chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest National park share 90% of DNA with us human beings humans and so far two groups have been habituated so that they can get used to the people or tourists who come to visit them. Travelers move every day as early as 5:00 am in search of these two groups that are only found in Uwinka and Chamudongo section Nyungwe Forest National park.

Access to Nyungwe forest National Park; this involves routes that you can use best to access Nyungwe National park for your vacation. Accessing Nyungwe national park is very easy since all the roads leading to the are tarmacked where you can drive smoothly. Nyungwe Forest national park is close to Lake Kivu and borders Burundi in the south direction and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The park occupies 222k square kilometers and takes 5 hours to drive from Kigali capital city. Importantly Nyungwe Forest National park can be accessed through the use of road transport and air transport.

Access to Nyungwe Forest National Park by road

Accessing Nyungwe national park can be possible by the use of public transport or bus from Kigali city center (Nyabigogo Park).here the buses pass via Ruzizi to connect to Winka traveler’s center then to the park. Using a bus is somehow tiresome and it takes longer to reach the park about (7-8 hours). Some buses drive via the park however they tend to come from bus parks when they are already full.

As Africa adventure vacations we advise you to hire a comfortable private tourist vehicle for a comfortable journey to Nyungwe forest National Park. Without having much difficulty in connecting from Winka travelers center to  Gisakura.

In Rwanda, you can get hire a car at around 40000-45000 thousand Rwandan francs per day of the tour. Once you have hired your private vehicle, you can drive straight to the south of Kigali city center while meeting the hill rolling towns, then proceed to Huye town which is only about 34 kilometers hours from Kigali capital city. You need to be very cautious because you will use the roads that are smooth with sharp corners in rolling hills that can as well keep your eyes blinkering throughout the whole journey.

To drive while exploring or adventuring you should drive on limited roads for example from Kigali, you can drive to southwest direction and head to Muhanga then turn to the southern direction to the town of  Nyanza and head to the western direction in the town Huye which adjacent Nyungwe Forest National park entrance. You can make several stopovers since the journey is too long. You can have a looked at different places such as Nyanya King’s palace in Nyabisindi which is rich in Rwanda culture and kingdom ships.

You can as well make a stopover at the national museum and see different art crafts and different traditional entertainment instruments. If you have enough time you can be entertained by Intolo dance groups with various singers as well as visiting memorials site of genocide at Kigongoro.

Access to Nyungwe Forest National Park by air transport

Nyungwe Forest National Park can as well be accessed by use of air transport. To use this means of transport you will need to book in advance with Rwanda air transport to secure a ticket. There are around nine weekly internal flights that are operated by Rwanda Air from Kigali International airport Kamembe airport. And from here you can drive only for 40kilometers to reach Nyungwe lodge which provides choppers for the traveler who needs them to the park.

Nyungwe forest National Park harbors a lot of plant and animal species which include chimpanzees, monkeys, and antelopes and the main activity being done here is Chimp tracking and habituation. Other activities include forest and canopy walks. Book with Africa adventure vacations for the best experience of Nyungwe Forest National Park.