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Accommodation in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Accommodation in Nyungwe Forest National park has several hotels and lodges in and around Nyungwe Forest National park that can give travelers visiting the park a comfortable stay while enjoying the untamed nature in the park. In tourism, accommodation is a very crucial component of travelers’ experience that cannot be separated from the total experienced enjoyed by visitors.

Therefore travelers/visitors in Nyungwe Forest National park won’t have the feel of their unique reason for travel when they cannot find better accommodation facilities to augment their experience. Nyungwe forest national park is surrounded by both luxury, mid-range, and budget accommodation facilities that offer services ready to satisfy tourists. These accommodation facilities are grouped into budget, mid-range, and luxury accommodation facilities.

Luxury Accommodation Facilities in Nyungwe Forest National park

These are High-end accommodation facilities offering first-class facilities to travelers visiting Nyungwe forest National Park. Once you travel to Nyungwe forest National Park for chimpanzee tracking and other activities you can stay at the following high-end market lodges;

One and only Nyungwe House

This is a luxurious five-star lodge located near the Gisakura reception center near Nyungwe Forest National park. It offers classic services and provides views of Nyungwe forest monkeys who wander around sometimes. It provides safaris to Nyungwe tea farm plantations and sometimes organizes nature walks. It is suitable for travelers who are interested in primate trekking in the park.

Only Nyungwe house has the best sitting arrangement and setting that every traveler going to Rwanda on holiday hankers for. Each cottage of this house is fitted with flat-screen, cable, air conditioning, and Wi-fi. The beautiful Longue, restaurant, and bars are well well-found in a beautiful order that is enticing. There are also car hire services offered by the hotel to people interested in discovering more about Rwanda’s destination.

Nyungwe forest lodge

This is also one of the best stops for most visitors coming to Nyungwe Forest National park. It is situated only 3 kilometres from Nyungwe tourism office and this makes it convenient for travelers to trek chimpanzees in the park at the right time. This is a luxury lodge strategically located at the edges of both Nyungwe National park and Gisakira tea estates.  The lodge is comprised of twenty-two luxury rooms only in six wooden villas. Each room features decks, which provide overlooks to the rain forest of Nyungwe park. Other facilities in the rooms include air conditioning, internet facilities, showers that are modernized among other luxurious facilities. There other hotel facilities such as a swimming pool, restaurant with a private terrace, a bar, treatment rooms among others.

Mariah hill resort

This is located in the northern part of the Nyungwe National park in Karongi District. Mariah Hill resort is high-quality accommodation adjacent to Lake Kivu and only one kilometer from the town of Karongi. It’s a middle-range accommodation facility that fits everyone’s interests. It offers the best opportunities for honeymooners looking for a comfortable place as they will be provided with tourism water activities.

Mid-range Accommodation Facilities in Nyungwe Forest National park

Nyungwe Forest National park attracts several travelers with different accommodation preferences, better the park in addition to luxury accommodation is well served with middle-range facilities, come and enjoy the mountain of the moon with its undistinguished wildness while staying at safe and comfortable middle-range accommodation as presented below comfortable.

Emeraude Kivu resort

This is one of the best accommodation facilities rates as three-star located in Ruzizi district in the western direction of Rwanda at the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The hotel is located on shores of Lake Kivu offering views of most of the island within the lake and several mountain ranges in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While on this resort it can take for you only one hour and ten minutes to reach the Uwinka reception center and only thirty-five minutes to the Gisakura reception center. The resort offers quality services and amenities

Nyungwe Top View Hotel

The three-star, Nyungwe top view hotel was established on a raised mountain close to the Gisakura center in Nyamasheke district located in the western part of Nyungwe National park. Staying at this hotel is so comfortable and is strategically locally located to offer the fantastic views of Lake Kivu, Nyungwe Forest National Park as well as the tea plantations.  Only 6 minutes drive will get you to Gisakula Reception Center and this one of the closest accommodation facilities.

Golden monkey hotels

This is also one of the best accommodation establishments in the town of   Namagabe district. The hotel is a three-star hotel with over 25 guest rooms with related services such as the internet, breakfast, and hot or cold water showers. The hotel operates on a 24 hour basis and you can get services anytime you want

Peace guest hotel

This is between middle range and budget accommodation facility and therefore it can be afforded by each category of visitors. The services provided here are excellent and the rooms are so comfortable for travelers. It is only 41 kilometers from Peace guest hotel to Uwinka reception center and only 45 minutes Gisakura reception center in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Kitabi Eco-center

This is located in Nyamagabe district and it takes only 45 minutes to reach the Uwika Reception Center in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Kitabi Eco-center is constructed on the raised mountain in the traditional Rwanda architectural setting. The lodge offers restaurants, serving with international dishes and enough parking space. This the best accommodation for low-income earners visiting the park.

Budget Accommodation Facilities in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Nyungwe Forest National Parkfurther provides accommodation facilities that favor budget travelers. Our travelers can check on the following budget accommodation facilities whenever they are for hiking and Visiting the park.

The Uwinka campsite

Visitors who are interested in the camping are also catered for as Uwinka campsite is available and built on just at the park entrance. The  Uwinka campsite offers a heavy wooden platform that protects the tents form moving away during being quacked by wind during heavy rainfall. Buckets are also provided to avail water for bathing.

Gisakura Family Hostel

This is one of the accommodation facilities located alongside the in Gisakura major road offerings rooms to single travelers and families. If you’re a family, you can hire it all and feel as if you’re in your own home. Gisakura Family hostel is in the form of a house comprising of five rooms including a sitting room, kitchen outside with spacious compound for parking.

KCCEM guest house

This is a budget accommodation facility that provides scenic views to the budget travelers.  It is located on the eastern side of the park adjacent Kitabi booking office with 20 self-contained rooms constructed using bricks. KCCEM guest house operates a 24hour service canteen serving both local and internal dishes. It is so attractive because of its neatness and hygiene as it offers views of the entire forest and the mountain ranges.

Comoran Lodge

This is one of the stylish lodges with views of Lake Kivu and Nyiragogo from the democratic republic of Congo. Local materials made of wood were used to construct this beautiful budget lodge.

There are other accommodation facilities in form of lodges and hotels where you can stay en route to Nyungwe Forest National park and these include, Ruzizi progress hotel, Hotel du Lac, hotel credo, hotel ibis, Regina PacisKibeho hotel among others. You can book with Africa adventure vacations for the best Accommodation facility on Rwanda Safaris.

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