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Accommodation In Volcanoes National Park


Accommodation in Volcanoes National park: This involves the selection of the finest lodges and hotels that give travelers visiting Volcanoes Park a comfortable environment while enjoying the untamed nature in the park. In tourism, accommodation cannot be separated from the total experienced enjoyed by visitors. Therefore travelers/visitors in Volcanoes National park won’t have the feel of their unique reason for travel when they cannot find better accommodation facilities to augment their experience.

The location of accommodation facilities in volcanoes national park is amazing with scenic views, untamed wildlife, and varied better topographic features that people a topographic feature that is appealing to the visitors visiting Volcanoes National Park. Volcanoes National Park is well served with ranges of accommodation facilities so visitors are guaranteed safe accommodation all the time they wish to visit the Park. The accommodation facilities range from budget to luxurious hotels lodge, and nature campsites.

The choice of accommodation facility depends on one’s travel budget. The following are the accommodation facilities where you can stay while on your gorilla trekking tours in volcanoes national park.

Budget Accommodation Facilities in Volcanoes National Park

Budget accommodation facilities in Volcanoes National park encompasses the lodges and cottages as well as campsites that visitors can utilize at low cost while being provided with worth standard facilities. Volcanoes National Park is served with different budget accommodation facilities near the park where you can have your best nights on your holiday in Volcanoes National park. Some of the budget accommodation in Volcanoes National Park is briefly described below;

Kinigi guest house

This is one of the best budget accommodation facility situated in Kinigi town about 12 kilometers away from Ruhengeri. Kinigi guest house is built at the foothills of Mount Sabinyo at a higher altitude of 480 meters adjacent to the entrance of volcanoes national park. The Kinigi guest house features twenty rooms and is very clean and comfortable with the fact that they have just been renovated.

There is a standby generator that provides electricity to the rooms and people or visitors can have hot water in the rooms. The nature of the guest house and its comfortability would make you feel that the guesthouse rooms are luxury rooms.

Hotel Muhabura

This was put up by the colonial government of Belgium in around 1956 and this made it t of the first lodge to be built in the town center. Muhabura hotel is situated in another part of Kigali capital city in the province known as Musanze where the major activity of gorilla trekking takes place. The 30 roomed Muhabura hotel is well serviced with self-contained rooms, serene gardens, Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) facilities as well as internet access and laundry services.

This is the hotel where Dian Fossey an American primatologist sleepy in one of the rooms at this Muhabura hotel. The hotel features 30 rooms for double and single residences. Dian Fossey used to sleep in room 12 before her death and tourists are allowed to stay in this room only 90 dollars. Other facilities at the hotel include spacious gardens, gift shops, conference rooms, restaurants, and bar and well-trained staff ready to serve you.

Villa gorilla lodge

This is another budget accommodation facility situated in Kinigi adjacent to the Volcanoes National Park headquarters.   It is a 4-hour drive from Kigali international airport and it features four comfortable double-occupancy rooms with toilet and bathroom facilities. The staff at Villa Gorilla lodge are well trained and it has a restaurant and bar. It’s very affordable for groups for families looking for budget accommodation.

Mid-range Accommodation Facilities in Volcanoes National Park

Mid-range accommodation facilities in volcanoes National Park allow tourists to adore an averagely comfortable holiday. Mid-range accommodation facilities are slightly close to luxury accommodation facilities which are of high-end market travelers/visitors, however, both categories of accommodation have a significant value to visitors for primate safaris in volcanoes National park. The prominent Mid-range accommodation facilities that visitors to volcanoes National Park in Rwanda use include among others the following;

Best view hotel

This is a magnificent structured hotel that was set up in Ruhengeri town to offer services and facilities to travelers of Rwandan gorilla safaris. All rooms have got flat screens, waking up warnings /alarms, a fully stocked bar, and gives fantastic relaxation especially after long gorilla trekking in volcanoes National park.

Best view hotel offers quality accommodation facilities to travelers visiting volcanoes national park and Rwanda at large. Room are large and are well served with internet facilities, a large flat screen with DSTV well installed. Further, there is a fully stocked bar with both local and international beverages of all types. The hotel restaurant serve all dishes with three menu course, ample parking space is also provided at the hotel.

Garden place hotel

Located in Ruhengeri while offering all types of accommodation facilities with restaurants offering outstanding services. The hotel has over 25 rooms categorized into double, VIPs, and standard rooms. There also spaces for meetings and conferences with a readily available WIFI.

All the rooms are served with well build modern bathrooms with both warm and cold water, telephone services, screens, and balcony providing magnificent views of several mountain ranges in Rwanda’s volcanoes national park. The restaurant services and bar are also available.

Gorilla volcanoes hotel

This still can be found in the north of Kigali in the Musanze. The hotel is well designed and offers pleasant services and customer care. All the rooms 31 one possess a bathtub and showering areas. Facilities and services such as a giant swimming pool, internet facilities, restaurants, and event facilities are readily available.

La Palme Hotel

This is one of the 3-star hotels located in the city of Musanze offering middle-range accommodation facilities to tourists/travelers visiting volcanoes national park for different activities such as gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking. A disputable dinning service awaits you in a remarkable restaurant design that arouses your senses with a smell of African foods, French, and those nice oriental chicken spices.

There is a provision of a minibar providing several drinks carefully chosen for your great fullness and satisfaction while enjoying your holiday vacation in Rwanda’s destination.

Garr Hotel

Well situated in one of the greener suburbs of Rwanda, Garr hotel offers excellent midrange accommodation facilities for tourists in Rwanda and Volcanoes national park.  You can spend only five minutes walk from this hotel to the Kigali Golf club and this makes it favorable for tourists who are golfers.

Garr hotel is available for both holidaymakers and business travelers because of its unexceptional décor and serene environments. It features modern hotel rooms with all the necessary facilities to ensure that you receive the home treatment. It is surrounded by different restaurants because embassies and other offices of national importance that are close to it.

Mountain Gorillas Nest Lodge

This is one of the best and super luxury lodge located in the Northern part of Rwanda in the Musanze district housed nested in a forest of eucalyptus trees. The lodge offers the best accommodation facilities to sized facility group at the cottages known as Jack Hannah while providing magnificent views of several rolling hills of Rwanda, remember Rwanda is described as the land of 100 hills. You can evidence this by staying at Mount Gorilla Nest Lodge. The cottages were built in a circulating form using a grove of trees with 40 rooms with the biggest having two bedrooms that can be used by a maximum of four people.

The services at Hannah’s cottages include well-trained service personnel who are ever ready to serve you will all what you want. The staff will ever remind you of early morning hours such that you don’t miss your gorilla trekking safaris. Other services include free internet and Wi-Fi. The cottages provide nice accommodation to all categories of visitors.

Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge

Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge is located in Kinigi,Musanze district providing middle-range accommodation facilities to visitors to Volcanoes national park. The lodge contains cottages with self-contained rooms designed in a natural setting and provides a high degree of privacy.

The rooms are grouped into double, single, and triples with each having private rooms, hot and cold water and enough sitting room for enough stretch and relaxation .services such as restaurants and beverages are all available at the lodge. Stay at Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge for a remarkable experience. Another middle range hotel available is called Le Bambou Gorilla lodge

Luxury Accommodation Facilities in Volcanoes National Park

The luxury accommodation facilities in Volcanoes National Park are also called upmarket accommodation facilities. These provide high-level standard services that are expensive as compared to mid-range and accommodation facilities. Volcanoes National park has some of these lodges where you can spend your night on your gorilla trekking safaris and other wildlife safaris. The most luxurious lodges and hotels of volcanoes Park include;

Sabyinyo silverback lodge in Rwanda

This is adjacent near Musanze near the volcanoes park headquarters. The position of this lodge is strategically located to enable travelers to trek gorilla. The lodge provides the good outlooks of volcanoes which provides scenic views. This lodge is managed by Kenyan safaris group who as a well operate Masai mara best camps. The services are excellent and enjoyable throughout the year.

The lodge is luxurious and composed of eight cottages which are grouped as single, double, and triples with standard bedrooms. Each of the cottages has spectacular views of Virunga volcanoes even when tourists are in their private balcony. There is enough space for tourists in their rooms and full-time power supply and afire place. This is the best lodge for luxurious travelers.

There are different services offered at the lodge and these include library and games room all located in min lodge, restaurant services offering all courses, and the bar stocked with all kinds of beverages and is operated by a standby front desk with well-trained personnel. There is a community awareness center where you can learn more about the conservation of gorillas and how local people can improve their social-economic livelihood through conservation.

Virunga lodge

Virunga lodge is just a 1-hour drive from Kinigi Park headquarters. A warm reception courtesy of professional staff has made this lodge to be one of the best around volcanoes national park. Visitors staying at Virunga lodge with getting an opportunity for spectacular views of twinkling lakes Ruheka and Ruhondo because of its location on a raised area.

The lodge is one the luxury and model lodge used by travelers visiting volcanoes national park for trekking the endangered mountain gorillas. There are eight spacious rooms with wooden floors. There is also Indore cultural performing group that performs guests coming to see the gorillas.

Five Volcanoes Boutique

It is a classic hotel rated as a five-star hotel located along the road leading to Kinigi Volcanoes park headquarters where all park activities start from. The accommodation provided is in the form of 13 bedrooms. Each facility is air-conditioned and features a flat-screen TV. A refrigerator and kettle. The other crucial facilities that the hotel offers include restaurant services, bar pool table sauna, and steam bath among others.

Bisate Lodge

This is one of the high-end market lodges where you can stay while you’re on your gorilla tour in Rwanda. The lodge offers luxurious accommodation facilities. Visitors staying at this lodge will have the nice overlooks of Bisoke and Karisimbi volcano peaks.

Six en-suite rooms can accommodate 12 people. These rooms are spacious with elegant services and facilities providing maximum comfort to travelers, other services include massage and internet connectivity. The lodge takes a lead in biodiversity conservation and visitors are as well encouraged to participate in conservation.

Mountain gorilla View lodge

Mountain gorilla view lodge is a four-star lodge located in Musanze district north of Rwanda adjacent volcanoes National park.it takes only 10 minutes to move from Mountain gorilla View lodge to Karisimi one od famous volcanoes in Virungas best for hiking. It is an eco-lodge that was built using local material to maintain the environmental status quo.

30 available cottages were built in stones and thatch with all having a residential area, fireplace, and coffee making machine. There is also a bar and restaurant from the main lodge.

Scheduling for a gorilla a safari is accompanied by excellent accommodation facilities in the form of lodges, hotels, and best restaurant services around Volcanoes National park. With the above-accommodating facilities, your unanswered question of where to stay is probably. Tourism experience is facilitated by booking with a safe and a quality lodge /hotel as you trek your gorillas. To know more about different options you can as well contact the Africa adventure vacations for more details.

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