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Akagera national park rules and regulations Rwanda

Akagera national park rules and regulations Rwanda

Akagera national park rules and regulations Rwanda

Akagera national park rules and regulations are those guidelines that each and every visitor coming to the park need to observe while on a wildlife safari in Rwanda. These guidelines are safety measures that enable visitors to have the most enjoyable safari in Akagera national park.

Akagera national park is the only savannah in the northeastern side of Rwanda on the border of Tanzania. The national park covers at a total area of 1,122 sq. km and is one of the national parks that are located near the city. Akagera national park is located 111km from Kigali city and can be accessed in 2-3 hours using road transport or 22 minutes using Akagera aviation.

Akagera national park is home to a number of wild animals that can not be found anywhere in the country and these can be seen on a game drive, boat cruise on nature walk activity. The animals in Akagera national park include buffaloes, zebras, lions, impalas, rhinos, duikers, sitatungas, elephants, spotted hyenas, bushbucks, waterbucks, leopards, giraffes, cape elands, monkeys, olive baboons, roan antelopes, and others.

Birds of Akagera national park are over 400 that have been so far recorded and they include long created eagle, red-billed fire finch, crested barbet, woodland kingfisher, African darter, northern fiscal, marabou stork, black-headed weaver, short-tailed pipit, saddle-billed stork, crowned lapwing, northern brown-throated weaver, grey-backed fiscal, cattle egret, African rock pigeon, eastern grey plantain eater, and grasshopper buzzard among others.

Akagera national park has over 7 lakes that are spread in different areas of the park and these include Lake Ihema, Lake Mihindi, Lake Gishanju, Lake Kivumbi, Lake Birengero, Lake Murambi, Lake Rwanyakazinga, Lake Hago, and Lake Shakani. The lakes are different activities such as boat cruises where tourists get to explore the park on boat see the water animals, birds and there is also sport fishing on Lake Shakani.

Rules and regulations in Akagera national park are set to make all the people who use the national park safe as well as the animals.

  • Akagera national park opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm which means visitors that are done with the activities have to leave before 6 pm and those that are to use lodges inside the park must be inside the park by 6 pm.
  • Tourists must present all the necessary documents such as receipts, passports, and license of the driver at the part entry checkpoint for inspection.
  • Fire arms are not allowed in the park, if you have them you will be checked at the entrance fee and that is where you will leave them.
  • Pets are not allowed in the park because they can get lost and even can be eaten by the park animals
  • If tourists have not paid the night game drives they must be out of the park by 6 pm and if they haven’t existed the park and can’t be got on the phone then they shall be searched and they will pay a fine.
  • Visitors who want to come to Akagera national park must use designated campsites only. This is done to avoid bush burning for the protection of the park and tourists themselves. While at the campsite, you are allowed to make a fire but you shouldn’t leave it unattended too.
  • While inside the park, you must drive in the designated routes and this helps you from getting lost, damaging vegetation, and making unnecessary trucks.
  • Avoid making sounds in the park because this scares away the animals as well as birds.
  • Drivers inside the park are supposed to keep the driving speed below 40km per hour and this is done to minimize the accidents in the park where animals or people can lose lives. While driving, the drives should expect to find animals crossing,
  • All tourists must remain in their vehicles while in the park to avoid attacks from dangerous animals. Tourists are allowed to leave your car at the lodge or a designated picnic place.
  • Tourists are not supposed to litter in the park, they should leave their rubbish in the car and dispose of it off to rubbish bins in the park
  • Feeding animals in the park is not allowed because certain foods can be unhealthy to the animals and other animals can be dangerous while picking food from you.
  • Avoid plucking flowers, leaves, and uprooting vegetation in the park because these are habitats of wildlife and they should be conserved for future generations.
  • Visitors to Akagera national park who will fail to adhere to rules and regulations set by the management will result in penalties and a fine of $150.
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