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Best Time To Visit Volcanoes National Park

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Best Time To Visit Volcanoes National Park

Are you looking for the best time to explore Volcanoes national park in Rwanda? Best time to visit volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda and other activities is June to September and December to February- the year where traveler’s best visit this park with little disturbances. Rwanda’s volcano national park can be visited throughout the year however there are best times of the year where you would enjoy the safaris to Rwanda especially in the dry season

There is no weather conditions that can stop anyone from visiting the park for gorilla trekking activities in Rwanda, do birding or hiking the mighty volcanoes, or do a nature walk in the forest. However, most people or travelers prefer to go gorilla trekking or visit volcanoes during the drier months of the year than during the wet months of the year. This is because most people travel to volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking and the trails are wet and slippery making it difficult to move through the forest.

Best time to visit volcanoes national park

The details below show the best time to visit Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda;

Visiting Volcanoes national park from June to Mid-September and December to February

This is a very dry period and this time of the year is the best for anyone to visit volcanoes national park in Rwanda for a gorilla trekking tour. It is the best time for trekking since it will be a bit dry within this rain-forest where the gorillas and chimpanzees stay however, you should carry a raincoat and boots because it may rain anytime. Please remember that these are tropical rain-forests and it can rain anytime.

Hiking the prominent volcanoes of the park is also best done during this period. Also, game drives and viewing become so good during this dry season because most of the wild animal species are easily seen converging at water points during this dry season. And this provides an opportunity for the visitors to spot all the animals in one place which would have been difficult during the other months of the year especially during the wet seasons when they are scattered.

Visiting Volcanoes national park from March to May and October to November.

This the rainiest season in Rwanda. However, this doesn’t mean that it rains throughout the whole day or months especially if you have along with safaris of more than three days. Usually in March up to May, there is a high rate of precipitation in Rwanda whereas it is lower during October and November.  It is important to note that such rainy seasons do not stop activities from going in all parks as this can last for hours and activities continue as planned. Therefore it doesn’t prohibit any activities from taking place. During these rainy seasons, primate trekking and watching can be carried out in Rwanda a bit vigorous. Besides, this is a convenient time for the birders to do bird watching because, during these months, plants and trees undergo a flowering stage that attracts several birds. You can, therefore, book a birding safari with Africa adventure vacations as it begins towards the end of the rainy season in volcanoes National Park.

Specialist photographer’s interested in taking photos and filming can utilize this convenient time to take the best pictures because there are lots of flowers that are booming, attractive green vegetation, and the clearer blue skies thus posing a great background for your photographs and films.

Additionally, volcanoes national park management is on standby to welcome you and take you around the park to participate in any activity at any time of the year you wish. Importantly, the long dry season concurs with summer in the northern hemisphere. Since most education institutions in Europe and North America are closed for the summer holidays, this is a convenient time to plan for an African safari. In the winter months of December and January, northern guests like to plan trips to the countries in the south, where it is warmer, producing another influx to Rwanda. Whatever the time of year you decide to visit Volcanoes National Park, you are sure to be amazed by its magnificent scenery and fascinating inhabitants.

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