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Bird watching safaris in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Bird watching safaris in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Bird watching safaris in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Bird watching involves the activity of people traveling to the park either by foot or vehicle on a designated trail while exploring different bird species within the park. Bird watching in Nyungwe Forest national park is a popular amazing activity enjoyed by most travelers because of its low charges and the spectacular experience attached to it.

Nyungwe national park is among the top seven best birding destinations in Rwanda and it has been recognized by birding life international as an important birding area, as on now the park is the home to over 310 bird species of which 19 species can only be found in The Albertine Rift.

 Is it  necessary to do birding in Nyungwe forest National park?

Most people always ask themselves whether it is necessary to do birding in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Yes, it is necessary to do birding mainly because it uniqueness in Nyungwe forest National park. The park is much unknown in such a way that it has a lot of biodiversity in terms of plant species which provides refuge and food to birds and this makes it to have of birds. And the fact that Nyungwe forest maintained green even during the ice age which further attracted more species.

It is also important to do birding in Nyungwe forest National Park as it provides a challenging task to you the traveler. Exploring birds in Nyungwe national park is so fun that birds keep in jumping from one place to another in trees while others tend to hide any from you because of shyness which makes this activity a real fun challenge. The well-trained guides will help you identify birds for you by just hearing the sound. So you need to be part and partial of this activity.

Guided birding trails in Nyungwe forest National Park;

Nyungwe National park has well built up and guided trails that help a birdwatcher to enjoy the birding activity. Some of the important trails for birding include;

Kamiranzovu birding trail:

This is one of the best trails that you can use while on the bird-watching walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park. The trail is famous for its high concentration of orchids other than any other section of the forest. This trail you help you reach caldera which formed a water basin within the park. Different bird species such as short-tailed warbler and Grauer’s swamp warbler can be spotted. The presence of Kamiranzovu swamp on high altitude has enabled high bird concentration.

Gisakura trails:

Several trails here offer different bird species if you devoted time for bird watching. The Gisakura section trails h6atbours bird species such as mountain masked Apalis, Sun birds, and others.

Another important birding trail in Nyungwe forest National Park is known as the Bigugu trail. This trail will lead you to the top of mountain Bigugu which stands at an altitude of 2950 meters above sea level. This trail is as adventurous as you can also get involved in the hiking activities of this mountain. The most commonly sighted bird species in this trail is mountain warbler and others.

Karamba trail:

Within this trail, you will encounter the only housing structure of the population that once lived within the forest. This trail is well rich in bird species such as flycatcher which is yellow-eyed and several other species. You will walk for only four kilometres to accomplish the bird watching activity in this area.

Generally, he who is on bird-watching safari in Nyungwe Forest National Park is expected to either of the following bird species long Tailed Cuckoo, Doherty’s Bush Shrikes, grey-chested Kakamega, Handsome Francolin, Lagden’s Bush Shrikes, Mountain Sooty Boubou, Pockefellers’s sun bird, Purple Throated Sun bird, Red-collared Mountain Babbler, Rwenzori Batis, White Bellied Robin-chat, White-Tailed Flycatcher among others. Don’t miss this opportunity for birding in Nyungwe Forest National Park.