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Bird watching Safaris in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Bird watching Safaris in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Bird watching Safaris in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Are you looking for bird watching safaris in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda? Birding activity in Volcanoes National Park comprehends tourists visiting this park to encounter different bird species that found refuge here. Sited in the distant northwest of the Republic of Rwanda, Volcanoes National park guards the steeps slopes of striking mountainous ranges and acts as the home of the famous mountain gorilla and various ecosystems composed of evergreen forests and the environment with scattered bamboo forested trees and mountainous climate variations determined by swamps and ecological grasslands.

Bird watching activity in Volcanoes National Park is the most attention-grabbing and fascinating activity for birders and other tourists coming to the  Volcanoes National Park. The Volcanoes National Park is also known birders paradise apart from other prominent activities attractions it encompasses such as golden primate tracking as well as gorilla trekking and the undistinguished Rwandan culture which have made the Rwandan park so popular to the world travelers. A quick reminder here is that both bird watching activity, primate tracking can be done concurrently by visitors at Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

The fact that Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is popularly known for gorilla trekking, golden monkeys, and hiking one of the prominent volcanoes called Karisimbi. This doesn’t leave it handing that volcanoes National Park offers the perfect birding destination on the in the whole country of Rwanda and East Africa in general.   Bird watching activities in Volcanoes National Park are facilitated by the presence of over 200 discrete bird species of which 27 of them can only be spotted here whereas sixteen are endemic to the volcanoes in the Virunga ranges of mountains.

For visitors/ birders to Volcanoes National park for Bird watching activity expect to see different bird species which among the most notable ones include; the Archer’s ground robin, Cinnamon bracken warbler, Grauer’s rush warbler, Rwenzoribatis, White-tailed blue-flycatcher, Black and white manikin, strange weaver, collared  Apalis, francolins among others. The Volcanoes national park shares the border with other parks of tourism significance which can also be visited for gorilla trekking. These parks include; Mgahinga National Park located in the western part of Uganda and the Virunga National Park found in the democratic republic of Congo.

Obviously, for bird lovers, a birding safari in Rwanda & Uganda will be a perfect choice adventure offering you the best African bird encounters. The republic of Rwanda as the popular tourist destination has got over 650 bird species which can be traced in different birding sites within the country such as the montane vegetation of volcano national park, lake Kivu, and Akagera National Park as well as Kigali city with outstanding roads, security, clean and good quality lodging, and many others.

To have a better birding experience in Volcanoes National Park, our clients should travel/move on birding safaris well prepared with high-quality binoculars, pointers, sturdy hiking shoes, a birder’s book (this can be got from tourism shops or at the park offices), drinking water, snacks, and insect repellent. It’s advisable to always be in the company of experienced local guides who should take you to the best birding spots and help identify the species.

What is the best time to do birding in Volcanoes National Park?

The best time to do birding in Volcanoes National Park is the year when the park is easily accessible for birding activities and when other activities can conveniently be done at the time. Volcanoes national park is popularly known for housing over 200 bird species as well as a home to half of the endangered mountain gorillas. The Volcanoes National park is visited throughout the year but usually, the park can be best done during the dry season which starts from mid-September and December to February.

Even during the wet season that starts from March to May and October to November, you can still participate in bird watching however you may encounter some difficulty while carrying out this activity in the park. Thus if you are planning any birding tour in Rwanda, consider Volcanoes National Park a must to visit destination.

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