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Birds and plant species of Nyungwe National park rwanda

Bird and plant species of Nyungwe National park rwanda, Accommodation in Gishwati Mukura National park

Birds and plant species of Nyungwe National park rwanda

Bird species as part of the fauna in Nyungwe forest National Park: Bird species in Nyungwe forest National Park are categorized under the fauna category of wildlife. There are a lot of surveys that have been conducted in Nyungwe Park trying to establish the number of bird species within the park so don’t get confused if you read very many articles refereeing to different numbers of bird species.

The latest survey revealed that Nyungwe forest National Park is a home of over 320 bird species with 29 species of these endemic to Albertine rife not in any other region. Other different surveys especially that what was carried out in 1999-2009, there were 275 bird species whole other reported 280 to 300 bird species. But the latest survey indicates 322 bird species in Nyungwe Forest National park of which 29 species are only sighted in Albertine Rift.

Due to the forested nature of the park, Nyungwe National park shelter the highest number of birds than any other park in Rwanda, and this makes it to the best destination for bird watching safaris in Rwanda. However, because of the thicket forest, the birds tend to stay up in canopies but patient travelers will be rewarded and most birders have to reward its as birders haven where one can explore over 10 endemic bird species per visit.

Flora of Nyungwe National park; In terms of plant species there about 1050 plant species in Nyungwe Forest National park.  Sixty-eight (68) of these plant species can only be in the Albertine rift and among including the Orchid stand which dominates all Rwandans orchid stands.

The presence of over 140 orchid plant species in Nyungwe forest National Park has provided a conducive environment for animals to survive in the park. The presence of plant variations within the park determines the best time for trekking and birding safaris since they influence climate changes/ seasons of the Park. Usually, birds concentrate on plants with high attractive flowers or those in the blooming stage.

The local people of Rwanda however are encroaching on the park specifically for some of these plant species because they believe that these species serve different medicinal purposes. Some use plant tree species for traditional beliefs, money, and medicine, and other trees provide good timbers and therefore are subjected to encroaches.

Other than flora and fauna, there are other species especially those of butterflies (120 species) which attract insect adventures as well over 12 species of amphibians. All these attract tourists to Nyungwe Forest National park which has made it a top tourist destination in Rwanda.

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