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Wildlife species in Nyungwe Forest National park: These can be grouped into flora and fauna. Flora and Fauna are defined as both plant and animal species that live in Nyungwe Forest National park. Examples of animal species may include, mammals, reptiles, birds, primates among others while plant species involve all green cover plants that cover the whole Nyungwe National Park. Nyungwe Forest National park is located in the western park

There are two major requirements that one will require to experience or engage in the activity of bird watching in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Bird watching is the best and interesting activity that most tourists to Nyungwe engage in the park apart from Chimpanzee trekking. For you to be allowed in the park for this activity you need to full fill these two below requirements; Bird watching permit/birding permit To do bird

How much does it cost to enter Nyungwe Forest National park?The entrance costs forNyungwe Forest national park vary depending on the activity you want to participate in within the park or the category of your generating regions or the country of origin. Travelers might be Rwandan residents, foreign residents, foreign non-residents or you’re from East African Community. All these categories of visitors are charged differently. And thus the entrance fees

Bird species as part of the fauna in Nyungwe forest National Park: Bird species in Nyungwe forest National Park are categorized under the fauna category of wildlife. There are a lot of surveys that have been conducted in Nyungwe Park trying to establish the number of bird species within the park so don’t get confused if you read very many articles refereeing to different numbers of bird species. The latest survey

Bird watching involves the activity of people traveling to the park either by foot or vehicle on a designated trail while exploring different bird species within the park. Bird watching in Nyungwe Forest national park is a popular amazing activity enjoyed by most travelers because of its low charges and the spectacular experience attached to it. Nyungwe national park is among the top seven best birding destinations in Rwanda and it

Accommodation in Nyungwe Forest National park involves several hotels and lodges in and around Nyungwe Forest National park that can give travelers visiting the park a comfortable stay while enjoying the untamed nature in the park. In tourism, accommodation is a very crucial component of travelers' experience that cannot be separated from the total experienced enjoyed by visitors. Therefore travelers/visitors in NyungweForest National park won’t have the feel of their unique reason

Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park; this is the tourism activity that attracts more visitors to Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda. This forested park offers the ideal environment for travelers to come and enjoy chimpanzee tracking as well as habituation. Nyungwe forest national park has a total population of more than 400 chimpanzee individuals that re-group themselves and live in different cliques. Chimpanzee trekking has been mad possible simply