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Rwanda Questions And answers

Dubbed the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is one of the magnificence countries located in East and Central Africa bordering Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burundi. Similarly to Uganda, Rwanda is a landlocked country and the country has a population of about 12 million people. Rwanda has its capital city as Kigali and most international visitors use Kigali International airport as the main airport of entry. Life in

Volcanoes national park is the star destination in Rwanda famous for gorilla trekking safari packages. Tourists going to Rwanda for destination feel this thrilling activity in Rwanda that has been regarded as a life-changing adventure. It is only in volcanoes national park where you can only explore the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Volcanoes national park was gazetted as the national park in 1925 to protect the endangered mountain

Rwanda is a cash-based economy using mainly Rwandan francs as the national currency in daily cash transactions. However, United States Dollars are accepted and used mainly because of its rapid tourism development.  Most of the lodges and hotels might ask you to pay in dollars for better prices. Most of the travelers or tourists United States dollars are the currency of choice and others can pay in Euros, and the UK

Rwanda is one of the cleanest destinations in Africa if not in the whole world. Most people /visitors always ask themselves the reason behind the cleanliness of Rwanda as a country. For visitors who have visited Kigali know how best and clean the city is and this extends to all provinces of Rwanda. Keeping Rwanda clean is every citizen’s responsibility and to effect this, the Rwanda government introduced the community

Kigali international airport is among the 5 airports of Rwanda that is famously known due to several international travelers that use it as an entry and exit point in and outside Rwanda whether on vacation, conference and meetings, business, or whether it is all about visiting friends and families. Kigali international airport is the main and prime airport in Rwanda which is sometimes referred to as Kanombe international airport in

Dubbed the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in east and central Africa bordering Uganda in the north, the democratic republic of Congo in the west, Burundi in the south, and the Republic of Tanzania in the eastern direction. Most people when you mention Rwanda they quickly think of the genocide that happened in 1994 and claimed several lives of the people of Rwanda

Rwanda people dress depending on what they do whether causal or office job for example casual labor dressing code is different from one who sits in the office and of course different from educational institutions children. But of course all zeros to a common link where you find that people of Rwanda are known on a particular dressing code which we shall look as we try to answer what do

This is one of the disturbing questions among the travelers wishing or intending to travel to Rwanda for vacation or as the destination. The simple reply to this question is that Rwanda can be expensive or not depending on your interests and your budget. Whenever a visitor is visiting Rwanda he or she must have an itinerary and it’s this itinerary that guides your cost or expenditure pattern in Rwanda. Of

Yes, Rwanda can be cheap or expensive depending on what you want to do and what you have as your budget. You can travel in a luxurious or budget or cheap safaris. You need to be wise when selecting the activities that you want to participate in and how best you can budget for your money to have a prominent safari of your choice. Rwanda can be cheap in that visitors

Gorilla tourism has become popular in Rwanda as it contributes significantly to the countries revenue and foreign exchange. Rwanda is one of the few countries of the world where gorilla trekking safaris by visitors are carried out. Other countries where mountain trekking safaris happen in the world include Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda are conducted in Volcanoes National park located in the Northern