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Kigali City Tours

Kigali is the capital and administrative city of the Republic of Rwanda and perfect destination for city tours. The city is well maintained, safe and arguably the cleanest city in the whole of African continent. The design, ambient and the cool temperatures makes Kigali to be the most beautiful city in Africa for tours. Kigali city spans the three districts of Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge.
Kigali city was awarded the 2008 habit scroll of honor award from United Nations and this was attributes because of its well stylish buildings, modern infrastructures and crime reduction as well as garbage collection technology. The fact that it’s located in the heart of Rwanda it has provided travelers with various categories of attractions which can be visited during Kigali city tours.
The moment you arrive in Kigali city via Kigali international airport. You will evidently feel the treasures and beauty of the city. Kigali city summarized the history of the whole Rwanda country, Culture and how best Uganda has come from grass to grace especially after the genocide massacre of 1944.
The attractions you will enjoy while of Kigali city tours include Kigali memorial center which as constructed to accord respect for those who died during the genocide mercilessly. The genocide her claimed the lives of over 25000 Tutsi who were buried here. You can see photos of those who were murdered both young and old.
While in Rwanda you can pay a visit to the presidential museum or state house. This was the statehouse for the former president Habyalimana and pasture Bizimungu before they were gunned down while in the plane. The president was of Hutu and this as well sparked more the 1994 genocide.
Another site of interest for travelers on Kigali city tours include Nyamata church which was used as the hiding places mainly for the Tusti during the mass killings in 1944. Close to 50,000 people were killed inside the church after they sought it would be safer for them to hide inside Nyamata church. Most of the artifacts are exhibited for remembrance such as clothes tainted with bloods, bones, different national identity cards, and fighting equipment’s such as marchetts that were used to kill people.
Another attraction here is Kigali convention center situated in the heart of Kigali. It is one of the best architectural designed in a bee hive structure like and with blue lights that looks so exciting during the night hours. This structure was mainly put up for meetings, conferences and other big organized buildings.
Other places of interest where you can go while on Kigali city tours include visiting the Gadhafi mosque, hiking mountain Kigali, the place for Muslim worshippers in Kigali called Nyamirambo, Kigali public library Kigali local market tours among others.
Kigali city tours can be best done all the year around but most probably the best time is during dry season when there are limited chances of rainfall. This is usually during the month of mid-June up to September. The heavy rains are received in the months march up to mid May

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