Nyungwe forest National park Rwanda

Mountain Hiking Safaris in Rwanda

Are you looking for mountain hiking safaris in Rwanda? Rwanda is the destination country in East Africa feature classic scenic views, advantageous weather, fabulous biodiversity and adventure mountains which can be encountered via walk ways or foot. Hiking safaris in the magic Rwanda provides you with outstanding opportunity to trek or hike via the true natural features as you experience different tails leading to villages for cultural tours.

The hiking experience in Rwanda range from just easy hiked places, to physical demanding experience in form of mountain speaks and hills in one of the countries oldest park volcanoes as you explore the Congo Nile trail along the shores of lake Kivu in the western side of the country to the forested park of Nyungwe well situated in southern part of Rwanda.

There are five magnificent defunct and 3 active volcanoes that make the Virunga Massif conservation and protected areas. All these spread at an altitude ranging from 2400 to 4,507 meters. Volcanoes national park boosts other that slopes down in Congo and Uganda. A combination of several hills and mountains have made Rwanda to be dubbed the land of a thousand hills.

It is because of this that Rwanda provides the best destination for hiking. If you need mountain hiking safaris in Rwanda you can do it from the following places;
Hiking Mt Karisimbi Volcano which is highest peak in Rwanda raised up to 4,507meters. Hiking Karisimbi Volcano is one of the best and among popular tourist activities in the Musanze province of northern Rwanda. As you hike mountain Karisimbi, you will be able to spot Karosoke research center and the grave of Dian Fossey
You can also hike Hiking Mt Bisoke which will take you about three hours’ drive from Kigali capital city of Rwanda and its easier in hiking as compared to Karisimbi provided the reduced height. You need to pay around In 75 United States dollars for hiking services of this mountain services

Other hikes can be conducted on Mt Muhabura which stands at 4,127meetrs and you start slowly at about 1200 meters and by the time you ascend up to the peak, you have to experience the wider views twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo.

Visitors can as well use one day for a Visoke hike, though it can be hiked for one day it’s a bit enthusiastic and you need to trust your fitness. You will spend 6 hours to reach the peak of this mountain and return back to the starting point.

By engaging in hiking safaris, you need to hire a travel guide and a valid permit. However some of the mountain such as mountain Kabuye that can be hiked uncharged. By following the Congo Nile trail you will experience the magnificence of Lake Kivu, navigating the thicket rain and bamboo .you can as well hike all these sections daily however you can spend 10 day to leave all stones unturned in terms hiking Rwanda.

The major trails used by tourists for hiking safaris in Rwanda include; Umoyove Trail which is sometimes referred to as Mahogany trail, the Umuvoye Trail offers access to sidewise trails used for chimpanzee excursion, Uwinka Trail, Irebero Trail, Imbaraga Trail and Gatagara trail that passes through a long and wide valley. At African Adventure vacations we are pleased to take you the land of a thousand hills as we embed you with fabulous mountain hiking safaris in Rwanda

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