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Flying safaris in Rwanda

Flying safaris in Rwanda is the best way to reduce the travel time to different destinations in the country. Travelers in Rwanda can enjoy their flying safaris that are conducted by Akagera Aviation and on reaching the destinations, they can use safari cars to their lodges or the parks for a short distance. Flying safaris in Rwanda are recommended for those that have limited time for travel and would love to spend their limited time visiting different destinations.

Flying safaris are the best way of exploring Rwanda than taking long drives to each of the national parks for activities like game drives, hiking, primate trekking, birding, and much more. Akagera aviation organized flying safaris to Nyungwe forest national park, volcanoes national park, and Akagera national park saving travelers from bumpy roads that are full of dust. The flights also save travelers from traveling long distances as this might make you reach the park tired. With flying safaris to different places in Rwanda, you do enjoy aerial views of the country, hills, plantations, mountains, lakes, rivers, and national parks.

Booking flying safaris in Rwanda

Travelers from different parts of the world that want to explore Rwanda using chattered flights must book before the final day of travelers and this can be done in 2 different ways. Below are the possible wayd of booking flying safaris in Rwanda;

Booking by yourself: Travelers can use their phones and computers to book for themselves flights to any of the national parks in Rwanda. This is done by sending an email to Akagera aviation a company in charge of flights. You will have to send them an email containing the dates you want to fly and once they receive an email, they will check if they have seats available and thereafter send you an email containing different ways you can send them money. After receiving it, they will book for you a seat and you will be among those to fly to the national park of your choice that day.

Booking using Africa Adventure Vacations Limited: Travelers interested in using chattered flights to different destinations in Rwanda can use Africa Adventure Vacations limited to book the seats for them. Once you have decided to use Africa Adventure Vacations, all you need to do is send us an email containing the dates you want to fly to any destination of your choice and we shall use these days to check for availability of seats with Akagera aviation. Once the seats are available you will send us money for the flight and when we receive it, we shall book the seats for you.

Where to go in Rwanda using chattered flights?

Nyungwe forest national park: Flying safaris in Rwanda can take you to Nyungwe forest national park which is located in the southwest of the country.  Nyungwe forest national park is home to the endangered chimpanzees in the country. Flights to Nyungwe forest national park are conducted by Akagera Aviation and they start from Kigali international airport. Flying to Nyungwe forest national park takes 45 minutes and the helicopter lands at the One & Only Nyungwe House Helipad.

Akagera national park: Flying safaris can also take you to Akagera national park which is the only savannah park in the country. The park is located in the northeastern part of the country protecting different wild animals such as buffaloes, rhinos, hyenas, lions, olive baboons, elephants, giant forest hogs, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, birds, and much more. Flying to Akagera national park takes 22 minutes from Kigali international airport to Magashi tented camp helipad using Akagera aviation. The flights save you from the long journey using bumpy roads and the fights give you an opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of the aerial scenery of Rwanda.

Volcanoes national park: Volcanoes national park is another place you can access using chattered flights. The flights to volcanoes national park do start from Kigali international airport and reaching the park takes about 30 minutes. Tourists that fly to volcanoes national park avoid the bumpy roads and too much dust that makes them dirty and even get some diseases. Flying to volcanoes national park gives tourists an opportunity to encounter the endangered mountain gorillas that can only be found in this park, golden monkeys, hike the Virunga mountains and spot a number of birds.

What is the best time to have flying safaris in Rwanda?

Flying safaris in Rwanda can be done at any time of the year but there are months that are better than the rest and these are the drier months. These months occur from June to September and December to February and are characterized by little or no rainfall. When the rainfall is little or not there at all, the flights operate normally since the weather conditions are good for flights and the skies are clear.

Travelers can still have flying safaris in Rwanda in the rainy seasons of March to May and October to November but during these seasons, there is plenty of rainfall and this might hinder the flights due to a lot of fogs which affects visibility. During the rainy seasons, accommodation facilities in the different destinations offer huge discounts.

Accommodation on flying safaris in Rwanda

Nyungwe forest national park – Nyungwe Forest Lodge, One & Only Nyungwe House, Gisakura Family Hostel, Nyungwe Top View Hotel, Gishwati Lodge, Peace Guest Hotel, Comoran Lodge, Golden Monkey Hotels, and Uwinka Campsite among others.

Volcanoes national park – Bisate Lodge, Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge, One $ Only Gorilla’s Nest Lodge, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Singita Kwitonda Lodge, Virunga Lodge, Ruzizi Tented Camp, Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge, Gorilla Volcanoes Hotel, Villa Gorilla, and Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel among others.

Akagera national park – Magashi Tented Camp, Ruzizi Tented Camp, Lake Kivu Serena Hotel, Karenge Bush Camp, Magashi Safari Camp, Akarenge Game Lodge, Akagera Resort and Country Club, Vintage Cottages, Akarenge Game Lodge, Nyagasambu Real Beach Hotel, and Akagera Rhino Lodge among others.

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