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Game Drives In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Game Drive safaris In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Game Drives In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Game drives in Akagera national park Rwanda is one of the popular safari activity that is carried out by visitors when they visiting and exploring the different tourist activities within Akagera National Park. Rwanda’s Akagera National park is a re-known destination for the big five wild animal species that cannot be traced and found within any other park in this country.

Tourist visiting Akagera national park will be able to see the big five animals which comprise of elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants on a game drive, game drives in this park is an amazing activity that brings you closer to the animals in the wild. While on game drives within Akagera National park, expect to see different plants, animals, and butterfly species.

Several different activities can be carried out within Akagera National park which includes; boat cruise, cultural tours, bird watching, butterfly identification sport fishing which present an amazing decor and experience that will expose you to different animal species the park harbors. Amongst all the activities, game drives are the best activity for travelers because it will allow you to see a wide range of park views of the park and you see more numbers of different animals as you will drive to the park up to the water source on the boat cruise.

In Akagera national park, game drives can be carryout out in three different ways, which include game drives in the morning, game drive in the afternoon, and those the game drives. All these game drives lead you to a better experience with the animals that move in different time frames. The detail of the game drives routes can be explained below;

Early morning games drives in Akagera National Park Rwanda

With this type of the game drives in Akagera National park, tourists will be able to spot different animals that always wake up early to graze in the open Savannah grassland.

The early morning will expose you to herbivores in the park for example the notable animals may include zebra, impalas, bush bucks, the topi, rhinos, giraffes, giraffes among others. Still, on this game drive will have a chance to experience different bird species especially when you carry game drives around swamps and near the lake shores of Ihema and Shahani which includes, the egrets, the open billed stork, hammerlock, crested eagle, Ruwenzori batis and strange weaver.

Further, the games drives will also take you the areas of the park where the shoe bills reside in addition to seeing high crocodiles among other species. Usually, during the early morning games drives, it’s hard to sport the lions and leopards and all carnivores because they travel and move at night.

Usually, the early morning game drives start at 7; 00 am early in the morning and the second one begins at around 9; 00 am to ensure are-mark able safaris. Tourists will require to have a tourist vehicle which a 4×4 wheel drive which can manage passing rough terrain of the park. the game drives and can be well facilities by professional guides are significant during the game drive due to the nature of the knowledge they possess and will always spot best routes of traveling while narrating to you different stories about the wildlife encountered

Usually, professional guides can be hired from the communications officer which is available within Akagera National park and usually guides for half-day can be hired at the cost of 25 United States dollars or 40 United States dollars for the whole day.

Night game drives in Akagera national park Rwanda

Akagera national park is one of the few areas where game drives can be conducted at night. Usually, sport lights and night torches are used. While in your open vehicle with open roofs that you can use to allow you to see those animals that usually move night such as mongoose, bush babies leopards, and hyenas. Nocturnal animals are rarely seen during the day because of their shyness. The night game drives take am maximum of 3 hours and are charged forty United States dollars for international tourists,

During this night game drives in Akagera national park you will see several carnivores such as lions, leopard’s hyenas trying to hunt as well as chasing their prey which they depend on. Always expect to see night runs between impala and lions or kobs and leopards which forms a memorable experience.

Importantly the night game drives will help you see the same animals relaxing after heavy day duties of moving up and down grazing this will help you explore most of the animal guides are always there to help you navigate through this night game drives so your always assured of security.