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Habituated Gorilla Families In Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

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Habituated Gorilla Families In Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

How many habituated gorilla families are in volcanoes national park Rwanda? Trekking habituated gorilla families in Rwanda’s volcanoes national park is the most popular activity on a Rwandan destination. At least the majority of the tourists who have ever been in Rwanda will have to tell about different gorilla families that they have trekked. It is amazing to encounter gorillas in their wildness

However this activity is rare on the African continent and it can only be done in three countries of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the republic of Rwanda, only habituated gorilla families can be trekked at volcanoes National Park which is the oldest national park on the African continent.

As of present, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda has ten (10) habituated mountain gorilla families and approximately 380 mountain gorillas which are ready for gorilla trekking and habituation activities for travelers. The volcanoes national park is part and partial of the Virunga’s massif block which shelters over 550 endangered mountain gorilla. The other huge sums of mountain gorillas can be traced in national parks of Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks both found is the southwestern part of Uganda.

In volcanoes National park, each habituated gorilla family group is allocated to 8 gorilla permits meaning that only 8 tourists are allowed to trek a habituated gorilla family which makes 80 tourists that can access the habituated gorillas per day. It is imperative to note that these mountain gorillas live in groups and each group is dominated by a male silver back as its head.

While trekking the endangered mountain gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park, travelers need to fit and energetic as the assignment of each mountain gorilla families to the clients is based on the habituation readability, travelers fitness, age, choices especially have made a research about clients and where the clients stay since some of the gorilla families live deep within the forests and requires trekking for as long as 5 hours.

The different ten habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes National park can be described as below   ;

Susa gorilla family group

This is the largest group of all the ten gorilla family groups with 33 gorilla members and 2 dominant silverbacks. This group had 42 members before a dispute that separated it to form Susa B. Susa A was the first to be studied by researcher Diana in Rwanda and resides foot of mountain Karismbi. Hardest to track but with rewarding experience.

Karisimbi group

This was formed in 2008 after from original Susa gorilla family group after a quarrel and sometimes it’s called Susa B gorilla family. It lives in the upper slopes of mountain Karisimbi and therefore you can get a chance to hike the mountain as your trekking this particular gorilla group however you need to be fit since it’s a bit strenuous.

Ugenda gorilla family

The Ugenda as the name suggests is a mobile gorilla family in volcano National park with 11 members and two silverbacks. Ugenda group is not static in one place and is usually found on the slopes of Mt Bisoke which requires little energy to hike it. Usually, visitors with fitness problems are advised to trek this group.

Agashya gorilla family

This was changed its name from group 13 to Agastya after Agastya silverback conquered the dominant silverback because of power. At the moment the group has a total of 27 members. They can be trekked from mountain Sabinyo by different tourists. The mountain hiking act as augmented products for your main gorilla trekking.

Hirwa family group

Hirwa gorilla family is a recently formed group by members of the Sabinyo group and those from group 13. As a result of this formation more individuals joined the group up to 16 members it possesses as of now. Because of its miraculous formation, the group was named “Hirwa” meaning lucky ones. Our visitors need to trek this group for a remarkable experience.

The other glorious habituated gorilla families you don’t need to skip in volcanoes National park include;  Kwitonda family on slopes of mountain Muhavura, live together with family, Bwengye family group, Titus gorilla family, Sabinyo and Amahooro gorilla family groups.

Booking with Africa adventure vacations will help you explore all the above-habituated mountain gorilla families in Rwanda by booking for you gorilla trekking permits, transportation as well as arranging for your accommodation facilities for you better, safe and comfortable safaris to Rwanda’s volcanoes National Park.

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