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Is it safe to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda?

Is it safe to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda?

Is it safe to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda?

Is it safe to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda? Gorilla tourism has become popular in Rwanda as it contributes significantly to the countries revenue and foreign exchange. Rwanda is one of the few countries of the world where gorilla trekking safaris by visitors are carried out. Other countries where mountain trekking safaris happen in the world include Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda are conducted in Volcanoes National park located in the Northern part of the park in Musanze nearby village called Kiningi.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda involves the activity through visitors walk through the natural forests of volcanoes national park in search of the allocated endangered mountain gorilla family and once spotted, visitors will spend only one while seeing the gorillas as they maintain the 7-meter rule distance. A group of 8 visitors is led by the armed ranger guide, and trackers and they guide the visitors via the designated trails. Visitors will need to pay United States dollars 1500 dollars for a gorilla trekking permit that will help them access the Volcanoes National park for gorilla trekking safaris.

It is important to note that everything is put in place to make sure that all visitors that go to Rwanda for gorilla trekking are safe, secure and get the worth of their money by getting the best experience of seeing the gorillas, playing, copulating, besting and feeding in their natural habitats. Remember you can only see the endangered mountain gorillas in the wild since they cannot be restricted or managed in the zoo-like how it is to other animals.  Safety and security in tourism are very important provided the fragility of the industry and anything insecure, tourism ceases.

It is far to do Gorilla trekking in Rwanda because the government has a maximum security severance team on the ground especially around and in Volcanoes National park to ensure that all visitors are safe and secure. There are regular security patrols within and around the park and these extend to borders to curb any insecurity that would come terrorize the safety of travelers. This has been done by a collaboration of security personnel from Uganda, Rwanda, and D.R. Congo to secure all border areas and sometimes they have used drones to maintain security.

Volcanoes National park in Rwanda has been safe for a long time and there have not been any incidences of insecurity over the past decades. All the visitors for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park enter the park with the armed ranger guide and the trackers to ensure your safari. Visitors who have trekked gorillas in Volcanoes and those who have done golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes will still tell you that they have done so with an armed ranger while deep in the forests and this is done to equip you the visitor with enough security.

To increase the safety of visitors for mountain gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National park. Only habituated mountain gorilla families are available for trekking. Currently, there are about 12 habituated families of mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national park which you can safely trek. Habituation is done by researchers to ensure they make gorillas used to the visitors such that they don’t cause harm to the visitors when they see them. Tourists are safe because gorilla families to have trekked are safe and well trained to get used to human beings.

Importantly before embarking on gorilla trekking activity early in the morning at 8 visitors are first briefed on whether to do whenever they are on the long walk to see gorillas. Rules and that visitors must follow when going for gorilla trekking are explained to them so that they remain safe during the activity. Some of the rules and regulations that you will be briefed about aimed at keeping you safe include keeping a 7 meters distance rule upon seeing the gorillas, reducing the noise, and not doing anything until you’re told to do so by your guide.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is very safe and visitors can do this amazing activity without any security threat. Armed ranger guide and other security agencies are always in touch with visitors to make sure that you’re safe while trekking gorillas. Remember that safety begins with you and therefore you need to follow all the measures by security agencies and follow your guide while trekking gorillas in Volcanoes National park in Rwanda.

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