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Is Rwanda expensive?

Is Rwanda expensive?

This is one of the disturbing questions among the travelers wishing or intending to travel to Rwanda for vacation or as the destination. The simple reply to this question is that Rwanda can be expensive or not depending on your interests and your budget. Whenever a visitor is visiting Rwanda he or she must have an itinerary and it’s this itinerary that guides your cost or expenditure pattern in Rwanda.

Of course, the prices of different items and products in Rwanda can change depending on the prevailing conditions or circumstances. In Rwanda, for example, one can averagely spend around 5 USD on food daily however this cost depends on one’s spending pattern. Always in Rwanda breakfast is cheaper compared to lunch and dining out for lunch, an average lunch costs about 2.2 United States dollars. Usually, the fast-food prices are cheaper as compared to when ordering from sit down eat restaurants. As earlier said, the price varies from place to place and thus you’re so influential in determining whether food prices are cheap or high.

 Local transport costs in Rwanda’s averagely 4 USD per day and taxi fares are high as compared to public transport means by bus. While on vacation it is important to note that Rwanda has several destinations and each with different activities that are charged differently and therefore visitors can spend depending on the budget they have. For example, a visitor taking a vacation to Lake Kivu doesn’t pay the same price as the one for gorilla trekking safaris in Volcanoes National Park.

Usually, the cost of national parks in Rwanda like Akagera National Park charges 40 United States dollars as entrance fees while the gorilla trekking permits cost 1500 per person. While for these activities around the national parks you can stay in luxurious lodges, midrange lodges, and budgetary lodges. It is your choice to stay at either expensive or cheap lodges for a better experience.

Rwanda still can be enjoyed at cheap rates as you can enjoy the local foods by opting for local restaurants, take the local transport system such as bodabodas, and stay on budget hotels. Hotel rates in Rwanda are higher Rwanda as compared to Uganda hotels but still, if you’re on vacation you can opt for camping to reduce the costs or go ahead and look for the least expensive hotels.

In conclusion, Rwanda as a country in East and Central Africa can either be expensive or cheap depending on the interests, budget, and itinerary of the travelers. If the travel is luxurious he or she won’t feel the high package costs and if the traveler is on a budget still he or she can comfortably visit and leave Rwanda with a remarkable experience.

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