Kidepo, true Africa’s wilderness Park that sits on the extreme North Eastern Uganda bordering Kenya and south South. It boast of its wonderful safari accommodations. In the heart of this untamed wilderness Park, there sits Apoka Lodge and Apoka Rest Camp. Whereas just at the outskirt of the Park, there’s Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp and Kidepo Savannah lodge. There are also a number of Camp site within the Park for those who would wish to enjoy the experience camping on Kidepo’s savannah underneath a starry sky. These accommodation options are offered in rustic camping tents to moderate and luxury accommodation.

These lodges have extremely high standards of service, great food and provide access to some excellent wildlife safaris. Other options for accommodation can be got from the nearby Karenga trading centre located just splitting distance from the Park entrance. Kidepo’s Campsites have been known to provide best camping experience mostly Kakine and Nakosopiri. On some days, some Park inhabitants (Lions, hyenas, jackals… as well as many other nocturnals) have been witnessed sharing campsites with visitors. What an incredible experience it creates!

All this accommodations are built with eco-friendly focus in mind. They are all strategically located to ensure greater wildlife, scenery and other biodiversity views. Serenity and discovery are the key words here as these accommodation locations combines perfectly with wildlife adventure. Led by our experienced and knowledgeable guides, you’ll venture into the all corners of this Park and have a chance to spot many bird species, and abundance of animals like herds of Buffaloes, elephants, zebras, pride of lions, waterbucks, Jackson’s hartebeest, as well as the elusive cats like cheetah and leopards. Most fascinating, some Park animals will be visiting you right at your door step implying you will enjoy your game viewing even without indulging into a series of day and night game drives.

In comparison to other major National Parks like Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kidepo National Park has fewer accommodation facilities but never the less, it does not mean you will fail to find accommodation. Booking in advance will enable us to find the finest accommodation facility that best suites you.

The journey to this isolated Park may be long but to a few who make it to the Park will agree with me that it’s a true Park worth visiting. To talk about the sites where the accommodations are located, are just wonderful as they offers glorious opportunity for scenic and wildlife viewing.

The famous back packer accommodations which caters mostly for travelers with minimum budget are located in a favorable area that allows viewing the Park scenery from all directions.


Located in the middle of the Park not far away from the upmarket Apoka Safari Lodge. The camp is well established with bandas of which some are self-contained with comfortable bedding, nets and bath rooms. Whereas others have enough space for bedding but lacks the bath rooms, the bath rooms are outside.


It is a budget/basic accommodation located next to Kidepo Valley National Park near Kalokudo gate.

With an excellent location, It offers a stunning views of Kidepo Valley National Park; Africa’s true wilderness Park with its expansive Narus Valley, Mount Morungole and the distant mountain ranges which form the border with Southern Sudan.

The accommodation at the lodge is presented in safari tents and tents

Safari tents

The lodge brags of 8 expansive safari tents. All standard tents are expansive with wide verandas to offer a stunning view of the spectacular Park. The safari tents consists of single and double beds that are softly furnished to provide comfort. The lighting fixtures allow for a natural and warm atmosphere within each tent to create a peaceful and harmonious blend with the surrounding environment.

Each luxury safari tents have ensuite bathroom with hot and cold showers, running water for hand-basins and a flushing toilet.


As budget option, Kidepo Savannah Lodge offers 9 non-self-contained tents. These are comfortably furnished with 2 single or 1 double bed, a bedside table and a power outlet for charging your electrical equipment. With outside bath rooms and toilets.


If you are looking for a place which is remote but incredibly breath-taking, then Kakine campsite in Kidepo Valley National Park is the right place for you. Indeed it’s a perfect escape from modern city filled with noise to a quite wilderness.

To be here in Kidepo, you get a clear views of the starry sky from anywhere you camp. This amazing place situated in the middle of the Park is considered to be among of the most beautiful place to camp from.

The sites are also strategically for viewing Park dwellers as they frequently wonder around.