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Major requirements to do birding in Nyungwe forest National Park

Major requirements to do birding in Nyungwe forest National Park

Major requirements to do birding in Nyungwe forest National Park

What are the major requirements to do birding in Nyungwe forest National Park? There are two major requirements that one will require to experience or engage in the activity of bird watching in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Bird watching is the best and interesting activity that most tourists to Nyungwe engage in the park apart from Chimpanzee trekking. For you to be allowed in the park for this activity you need to full fill these two below requirements;

Bird watching permit/birding permit

To do bird watching in Nyungwe Forest National park you need a birding permit just like any other activity done within the park, its this permit that will guarantee you the full experience for bird watching. This activity of bird watching in Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest national park will require you to have and book a birding permit wisely in advance to avoid delays and inconvenience.

To get this bird watching permit for Nyungwe national park in Rwanda, you will need to book online via the Rwanda Development Board website or by using any trusted and professional tour operator and pay before the actual day of the activity. You can enjoy this activity better by booking with us at Africa adventure Vacation for best Rwanda destination safaris.

Well-equipped and professional birding guides

You will have the best memories and remarkable bird watching experience in Nyungwe Forest National park only if you hire a well professional guide who will help you identify different birding species. The guide can as well identify these birds even when he or she does not see the bird physically but by sound a bird makes. Rwanda has very many guides of this kind.

What you should not forget while going for bird watching in Nyungwe national park

These are different necessities that visitors or tourists going to Nyungwe Forest National Park for bird watching activities should not forget if they are to have a successful trip/vacation or safari. The common items that one should not forget include; cameras, gumboots, binoculars, walking sticks for the elderly, and if possible carry a field bird guided book that will help you identify some of these species. The recommended book is called “Birds of East Africa”.

Importantly you should remember that the cost or price /bird watching fee for Nyungwe Forest National park is 50 United States dollars daily per tourist. However, there is an option whereby travelers who would like to do birding for more than three days can pay the first day 50 united states dollars, and the rest of the days you can pay as low as 25 united states dollars.

Best time to do birding in Nyungwe forest national park

Rwanda’s best season or time for birding activity is in July up to the end of March. During this time there is plenty of birds in Rwanda’s territory because of migration, others looking for blooming plants/flowers while others do move at this time for bleeding purposes. You should reschedule your birding trip to Nyungwe as well during this period.