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Sport Fishing Trips In Akagera National Park Rwanda

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Sport Fishing Trips In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Looking for sport Fishing in Akagera National park? Fishing adventure trips and safaris are interesting activities carried out on river Akagera, Ihema Lake, Lake Shakani, and Muhazi in Akagera national park Rwanda. The sport fishing adventure involves tourists carrying out fishing activities for pleasure for other than commercial purposes. In AKagera national park, fishing adventure is carryout on various lakes within the park especially lake Ihema by travelers on the boat cruise.

Akagera national park is a home to major big five animals’ species which forms a major tourist attraction in the park. Other than being home to big five, the park has other major tourist attractions which among others include, Water bodies such as river Akagera, Ihema Lake, Lake Shakani, and Muhazi. Still, there are several evergreen vegetation covers with Savanah grassland and forested areas that harbor several species including birds and butterflies.

Sport fishing is one of the rewarding activities carried out in Akagera national park because while doing this activity you will get an opportunity to get extraordinary clear views in the park which you would miss if not participating in the great fishing activity in Akagera National Park.

Fishing adventure in Akagera national park is carryout out specifically on Lakes Shakani and Ihemu where you will be able to see different fish species and types caught in these lakes. These two lakes are the best fishing points for sport fishing in Akagera  which apart from fishing can act as a home for aquatic species which are of interest to the tourists.  Such species include crocodiles and hippos. Areas for spot fishing in these lakes are chosen and proved to be safe of predators.

Usually, tourists for sport fishing in Akagera are advised to get instructions from the park management. Sometimes if you don’t know to carry out this activity but you’re eager to do it, you will be able to get an instructor for the whole who will teach you how best to do spot fishing in the park lakes with different equipment. However you will be required to pay small money for these instructions and after you have learned, you’re guaranteed the fish caught at the end of the activity.

It is important to note that spot fishing activity requires you to have a fishing permit that you show at the park entrance. Once you check-in in the park with your permit you will be assigned to a professional guide to will help you throughout the fishing trip adventure. From here you will be driven in a boat on the lake Ihema or Shakani to the direction where the fish is easily caught. For safety reasons, you will be required to put on a life jacket before any activity as you are told of the doe and don’ts.

As part of the preparations tourists always come with their fishing gears but in case you don’t have them, you don’t need to worry because, at Akagera national park, you hire the fishing gear at a relatively low price. Always tourists doing fishing adventures in Akagera national park have seen different fish species such as Nile perch, catfish, tilapia among many others. Therefor your assured that you will get one of these fish types at the end you’re fishing trip in Akagera national park which will be so interesting.

Defined by the nature of the Akagera national park, while on fishing adventures, tourists will be able to see a lot of tourist attractions even as spot fishing is going on lakes Shakani and Ihema. There will be a lot of bird species that you will be able to see trying to pick fish from the lakes. Among the birds that you will see while on spot fishing adventure include, great African fish eagle, the white egrets, open billed stork, shoebill among others. As well as never to overlook the hippopotamuses, and elephants looking for water especially in the afternoon. This is an amazing experience that everyone wishes to be part of.

While in Akagera national park apart from sport fishing adventures, you can also participate in several activities which among others include, boat cruise due to several water bodies within the park, bird watching, nature walks, game drives as well as cultural encounter tours. Don’t miss book with Africa adventure vacations for better safaris in all East Africa countries.

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