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The Best time to visit Akagera National park Rwanda

The Best time to visit Akagera National park Rwanda

The Best time to visit Akagera National park Rwanda

Best time to visit Akagera National park; involves the favorable time of the year when tourists can visit Akagera National Park comfortably and see different tourist attractions while participating in different tourism activities during this visitation. Akagera national park can be visited throughout the year however there are best times of the year where you would enjoy the safaris to Rwanda especially in the dry season where everything is at its best.

Akagera National Park is located in the eastern part of Rwanda and at the border with Tanzania. Akagera National Park is available to the open to travelers throughout the year is open to travelers throughout the year however, the months of July and September and January which is the dry season of the year.

The other season of the year experienced around Akagera National Park is wet season which occurs mainly during march December and April is the wet season. However, during the rainy season, activities such as game viewing and game drives can be not be smoothly done because of the muddy conditions that occupy park routes. Thus park roads become muddy for tourist vehicles.

Visitors to Akagera National park engage in different activities such as game viewing that is facilities by game drives around and within the park by viewing the magnificent scenery of the folded rolling hills, water bodies, rivers, and swamps. You will as well get an opportunity to see the birds hovering around the water sources while on the boat cruise.

A summary of Rwanda’s seasons

The best time of the year to visit Akagera National Park temperature does not vary much throughout the year, but the long dry season (June – September) brings warmer temperatures+ whereas cooler weather follows the rains (October – November, and March-May). In general, temperatures typically range between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Short dry season (December – February)

There may be some rain during this period, but it is fairly intermittent and usually does not last long. And therefore the months of February is predicted to be so dry

Long wet season (March-May)

This season is characterized by regular rainfall and abundant green grass. And this gives travelers an opportunity for clear photography of lush green vegetation.

Long dry season (June – September)

This is the sunniest period of the year in Rwanda when the park can become dry and dusty. This sunny moments of the year are perfect for animal viewing as well as scenic views

Short wet season (October – November)

The first rains clear haze and the park returns to its lush green state. Birding is particularly good at this time of year, for many migratory birds pass through Akagera during October and November.