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The Best Time To Visit Lake Kivu Rwanda

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The Best Time To Visit Lake Kivu Rwanda

What is the best time to visit Lake Kivu? This involves the best time of the year when travelers can go to Lake Kivu in Rwanda and participate in tourism activities such as boat ride, birding, visiting plantation farms comfortably without weather or climate disturbance.

Rwanda is located just two degrees away below the equator line, despite this the land of a thousand hills Rwanda. Despite this, Rwanda has a fantastic tropic climate which is an attribute to it being on higher altitude. Planning safari to Lake Kivu which the biggest lake in Rwanda which is located in the western part of the country and sharing the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo reacquires you to know the best and convenient time when you can have the best memories there.

Usually, daily temperature goes up to an average of 27 degrees Celsius in the hottest months which is usually the months of August up to October. Further during night hours’ the temperature lowers to approximately fifteen to sixteen degrees Celsius. Generally, in Rwanda the months of JUNE, JULY up to SEPTEMBER are the hottest months of the year. Thus, these dry months present the best time to visit Lake Kivu for relaxation, sunbathing with temperature and weather so cool and stable.

It is important not that Lake Kivu features two climatic Seasons which are known as dry and wet seasons similar to the climatic conditions of Southern, Eastern, and Central parts of the East African community block. The dry seasons or conditions start in June up to August and towards the end of the year in mid- December up to halfway February. Reaching in Lake Kivu during dry season provides an opportunity for activities such as swimming and very important for exploring over 60 species of birds.

The long rain spell at Lake Kivu happens in March up to May while the short rainy spell occurs from September to November and at the beginning of December. Such kind of rainy variations enables vegetation to regenerate and refresh which offers scenic views. Most of the travelers visit Lake Kivu during the dry season and this coincides with the summer in North America and Europe which has enabled different family members these countries to come and spend their vacation while visiting Lake Kivu.

Getting to Lake Kivu

There are several routes that you can use to reach Lake Kivu either from Kigali international airport, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Visitors can also cross from the democratic republic of Congo using a boat ride on Lake Kivu and vice versa.

Reaching Lake Kivu national also depends on the part of the park that you want to visit or you’re interested in. Despite this, all the parts of Kivu are well served with efficient road transport means from Kigali Capital city of Rwanda.

Visitors can drive from Kigali to the route leading to Nyungwe Forest National park and turn from Muhanga trading center and head to Karogi to Karogi -Kibuye then to Lake Kivu. This can take for about hours’ drive. Further visitors can drive from Kigali towards Volcanoes National park and then proceed from Musanze town to areas of Rubavu and Gisenyi areas surrounding of Lake Kivu of which journey will last for about four to five hours.

Are there accommodation facilities around Lake Kivu where visitors can stay?

This a question that very many tourists or travelers for Rwanda safaris ask themselves especially when they are planning to visit Rwanda’s biggest Lake Kivu. There are several attractive accommodation facilities in areas surrounding the lake where you can have a comfortable stay and relax after engaging in different tourist activities such as birding, kayaking, boat ride, gorilla trekking, and many others.

Accommodation facilities around Lake Kivu range from luxury, mid-range, and biggest catering for all categories of travelers however the choice of the accommodation facility depends on your choice or preference. The beautiful hotel and lodges where you can have wonderful nights include Kivu Serena hotel, Kivu lodge. Hotel paradise, lake view apartments, Hotel La Benediction among others. All these hotels and lodges are located in the vicinity of the Lake and provide interesting overlooking of Lake Kivu and better connection to parks Nyungwe forest Park and Volcanoes national park prominent for gorilla tours.

In conclusion, traveling to Lake Kivu is remarkable as travelers can explore the biggest water body resource in Rwanda featuring the tenth largest island Idjwi on the African continent. Tourists can as well as engage in coffee plantations, sunbathing, boat ride, swimming as well as visiting the Imbabazi orphanage while staying at fantastic accommodation facilities. From Lake Kivu, visitors can as well go ahead and do gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park as well golden monkey trekking in Nyungwe Forest National park without forgetting the home of Big five Akagera National Park. Contact our professional staff at Africa adventure vacations for best time to visit Lake Kivu in Rwanda and any travel advisory information as well as memorable safari itinerary.

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