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What are some of the popular foods in Rwanda?

What are some of the popular foods in Rwanda?

What are some of the popular foods in Rwanda?

What are some of the popular foods in Rwanda? Having a travel adventure to Rwanda will not only expose you to Africa’s endangered mountain gorillas but you can as well decided to go for culinary tourism safaris to explore the various foods that are found in the land of “a thousand hills” Rwanda.  The delicious meals in Rwanda combine the local ingredients that taste nice and sometimes are combined with international delicacies to meet different travelers’ demands.

Foods in the republic of Rwanda are an integral part of the Rwandans culture and tasting and eating these foods is a way to identify yourself with Rwanda culture. Most of the foods prepared by Rwanda do so as the result of the generation that was passed on to them by their grand and grandparents instead of using recipes. This makes these foods so cultural and traditional that give you a taste of feeling to the energized and strong tradition of the people.

Most of the travelers/visitors go to Rwanda to enjoy local cuisines and it is all about the chefs and people of Rwanda to make for you a mouthwatering dish that would leave visitors yearning for more. Usually on breakfast, traditionally Rwanda takes seat potatoes and porridge while lung and supper people eat beans that re-boiled, sweet potatoes, cassava, and bananas.  Fruits such as mangoes, bananas, pineapples, papaya are in plenty sometimes taken fresh or processed and taken as a juice.

The different foods that are popular in Rwanda are identified as follows;

Isombe foods

These are comprised of cassava leaves together with eggplants and spinach. It is delicious Rwandan food with its origin from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Cassava leaves are mixed with other green vegetables such as spinach opinions Cleary minced and then boil until they are ready. This is used served as the main meal or with bread especially during breakfast.


This is also one of the popular local foods or dishes prepared in Rwanda. This kind of food Ibirayi involves potatoes that are peeled, cut into smaller pieces cooked, and then fried with Rwandan local butter. They are so delicious, crispy, and are served usually along with brochettes to the visitors .you don’t need to miss this when you’re on your Rwandan safari.


This is also a popular food in Rwanda. In many East African countries, this is referred to as posho and it is a staple food in most of these countries. Ugali is made-up of maize flour and water. You will need to first heat water up to the boiling point and then put in the maize flower and mingle for some minutes until it is ready.


This is the main food constituent aboard the East African country region cuisines. In Rwanda, it is termed as Agatogo. Majorly this is a plantain stew. These include tomato paste, garlic, and salt, with meat or any other vegetable fish. It is used as an energy booster usually taken during lunch break or sometimes during dinner.


This is the main dish for the nationwide seven sold by vendors along the streets to big markets and the supermarkets. Here goat’s meat, pork, or beef is stabbed with onions, vegetables, onions, and then perfectly cooked and made. Most restaurants and hotels serve this with bananas that are roasted and potatoes.


This is in form of an alcoholic drink that is prepared from bananas. This is traditional in Rwanda sand generally across east Africa. It is just a mixture of local skills imparted by fathers to their sons and daughters. Bananas are squeezed to make a juice and then this juice is mixed with sorghum and left to ferment to make the traditional beer.

It is important to note that Rwanda doesn’t not only offer local cuisines but in Kigali city and international hotels there are also internal dishes especially for chine’s, Germans, Americans, Indians among others and therefore you can have a variety of foods to taste when you’re on your safari to Rwanda. Come and taste the variety of foods even those that you have never experienced before.