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What can we do in Kigali?

What can we do in Kigali?

What can we do in Kigali?

What can we do in Kigali Rwanda? Kigali is one of the cleanest and safest cities on the African continent. Kigali city still is the capital city of Rwanda and has been well organized and developed in a special way to attract several visitors and investment opportunities in Rwanda. Kigali city is composed of three districts of Nyarugenge, Gasabo, and Kicukiro. Kigali is inhabited by over one million people and recorded as the By Un for winging the UN habitat scroll of honor due to different creativity and innovativeness and its capacity to keep clean and a safe environment.

Being located in the center of the country Rwanda, Kigali city has been a hub for tourists who intent or go to explore Rwanda as they base in this beautiful city to connect to different destinations of this country including wildlife safaris game drives, and mountain gorilla trekking safaris. There a lot of tourist attractions that are found in Kigali city which have generated a lot of activities that tourists engage in and do and these activities include the following;

You can have a visit to the Kigali genocide memorial site. This site was built to remember over 200,000 victims of the genocide and also to teach people how it is bad for the nation to go on civil wars as it leads to under elopement and suffering. The photos of the victims, young and old who were buried here majorly the Tutsi portray the real tragedy that happened. Learn more about genocide and Rwanda history by visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial site in Kigali city.

Visitors in Kigali can also participate in hiking of mount Kigali.  This is one of the highest hills in Kigali that offers the bests opportunities for hiking safaris. It is raised to over 6000ft and visitors can just hike easily because of the gentle slopes associated with hills.  The starting point for hiking this hill is Nyamirambo and adjacent Sun City hotel and visitors can get a clear view of Kigali city upon reaching the top of this Kigali hill.

Visitors can also do visit tours to the former presidential palace/ statehouse. This is an amazing place where you see where the former president of Rwanda Habyarimana and Hbyarimungu used to stay before the plane carrying President Habyarimana and the Burundian presidents Ntanyamira was gunned down. These two presidents were of Hutu origin and their death was linked to genocide.

Visit the palace museum as you see the remains of the plane they were traveling in and learn more about the history and culture of Rwanda both politically, economically, and socially.  Tourists visit local cultural arts and shops. visiting Kigali city will make you experience the culture of the people by visiting their rooms, houses, and basically what they do locally to earn a living. One of the best places for art and craft in Kigali you don’t need to miss is Inema Art Center which was established in 2008 offering the best Rwandan art. International artifacts can also be traced here. Interesting paintings of Kigali sculptures, and several others at this place, classes are also organized, and you can listen to interesting stories, music, and traditional songs. You can also opt for you can also make tours to Marriott hotel and specialize at Go Kigali Boutique for cheap jewelry, beads shoes, and other souvenirs.

Visits and tour to Kigali local markets: to enrich yourself with local people of Rwanda, it is good that you participate or move in local market tours where you will meet local people selling different food products and other items. You can also buy some of the products from the market as you wish.   Some of the markets that you can visit include the Kimironko market which is the largest in Kigali city selling vegetables and other foodstuffs well-organized installs.

While in the city, visitors can also visit the Kigali convection center with the magnificent structure of a beehive. It is located in the center of Kigali just near Rudison blue hotel. It was built purposely to host events, conventions, and meetings as well as exhibitions.  The center features such as a cafe, restaurant, and parking space.

Visitors can also make visits to the Gadhafi mosque which is situated in Nyamirambo. This was named Gadhafi in recognition of former Libya’s presidents Gadhafi. It’s a nice-looking structure for the Muslim faith and it features schools and clinic services so u can as well visit this center.

You can also visit the Amahoro stadium for soccer sports activities. This is the largest stadium in Rwanda and it accommodates over thirty thousand spectators. Social has become a popular activity in Rwanda and recently, the government even patterned with the arsenal football club and this has seen people making in Rwanda being familiar with sports. Most local football teams in Rwanda include police Fc, rayon sports FC among others.

Other activities in Kigali that visitors can engage in include taking visit tours to Nyamirambo women’s center, visiting tour to UN Belgium peacekeeping memorial, take shore urban birding safaris, horse drives, among other activities.

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