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What do Rwanda people wear?

What do Rwanda people wear?

What do Rwanda people wear?

What do Rwanda people wear? Rwanda people dress depending on what they do whether causal or office job for example casual labor dressing code is different from one who sits in the office and of course different from educational institutions children. But of course all zeros to a common link where you find that people of Rwanda are known on a particular dressing code which we shall look as we try to answer what do people of Rwanda wear.

In Rwanda, the dressing was traditionally made from the bark cloth and hides and skins. Rwanda ladies traditionally dress or put on Musanana which is encompasses a floor-length skirt with a sash swathed over one shoulder, worn over a tank top or bustier.  Ladies made their hair in a way that it consists of a bun decorated with beads and tied in place by two ribbons that pass across the forehead and over the bun, crossing above the ear. A comb is placed above one ear beneath the crossing point of the flags this is a way how traditional Rwandan women could dress up.

On the other hand, men would put on a Western-style dress shirt tucked into a wrapped floor-length skirt. A beaded necklace may be worn with this outfit, particularly during weddings or by the musicians during traditional dance performances and cultural drama performances.  Male dancers would also put on a wrapped skirt without a shirt and they wear beaded straps that cross over the chest. All these were traditional dressing codes for Rwanda men and women however nowadays these are still worn especially during traditional functions and at visitor entertainment centers.

Musanana gained fame and is currently used as the formal dressing style for Rwandese. Mostly, it’s worn by the female artists and dancers referred to as Intore dance troupes. Mushanana is an official attire for Rwanda and you will major see people especially at wedding functions, church services, and other major big events putting on this kind of dressing attire.

However you’re likely to see Rwandese especially those who are working dressing in nice suits, some put on jeans, attractive tops/blouses and T-Shirts for both women and men. People dressing in shoes that make them comfortable while walking or traveling. Most Rwandese find dresses or clothes that match or fit their professional work.

Rwandan people especially women don’t expose their bodies via half clothes. They put on long shorts, skirts, and dresses that even cover-up th6eir knees. They put on long cut tops that wouldn’t exposure their cleavages.  And mostly young girls and women put on tight jeans and T-shirts which heighten their figures, though some women still can be identified by their traditional outfits made from the local fabric called kitenge: beautifully colorful long dresses with sleeves (usually short), and headwraps with the same pattern.  In remotes areas of the country, some can be seen wearing T-shirts and pieces of kitenge fabric wrapped around their waist, like a sarong, and reaching their ankles.

During rainy or cold conditions, the dressing up for Rwanda people changes. As long as it gets cold especially during evening or rainy however people resort to putting on sweaters and the so-called wind jackets. People can also look smart in rainy clothes with a few headscarves on .sometimes people are seen putting on gumboots especially when it rains. Heavy coats are always preferred and people like them especially during cold in Rwanda to keep themselves warm.

In conclusion, people in Rwanda dress well during work, especially when they have important offices. Being smart in Rwanda doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put on a jacket and tie, but an unkempt appearance is often poorly regarded. Thus the dressing code for the people of Rwanda depends on the gender, weather, and the nature of the work of somebody.

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