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What Kigali international airport is all about?

Kigali international airport is among the 5 airports of Rwanda that is famously known due to several international travelers that use it as an entry and exit point in and outside Rwanda whether on vacation, conference and meetings, business

What Kigali international airport is all about?

What Kigali international airport is all about in Rwanda? Kigali international airport is among the 5 airports of Rwanda that is famously known due to several international travelers that use it as an entry and exit point in and outside Rwanda whether on vacation, conference and meetings, business, or whether it is all about visiting friends and families. Kigali international airport is the main and prime airport in Rwanda which is sometimes referred to as Kanombe international airport in different locations of Rwanda. It was first originally called Kayibanda Gregoire international airport but it was later changed to Kigali International airport in the year 1999.

Kigali International airport is just situated south of Kigali city on the outskirts of Kanobe district just about 12 kilometers away from the central business district of the city center. Kigali International Airport is the most and highly elevated country in the whole world as it stands at 1491 meters above sea level spreading to over 730 square kilometers making having recorded.

Kigali International airport offers services to over 136,189 passengers from mainly Rwanda as the primary beneficially and neighboring countries of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania as well as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most people from Rwanda to different countries use Kigali international airport as their main transit route. Even visitors coming from different countries (international visitors) use Kigali as the main transit hub where they connect to other remote destinations of the country such as National parks and other tourist attractions in Rwanda.

Kigali international airport was upgraded and innovations ushered in between 2012 and 2013 and this made the airport have one of the well-equipped and modernized facilities including the firefighting equipment, and top-class facilities that meet the ICAO international standards.

Kigali international airport features 3 major terminals and 2 heliports with a runway long as   3500 meters which enable safe landing of different kinds of aircraft of different sizes. Planes can also land as others are taking off due to the spacious Kigali International Airport.

The main terminal at Kigali international airport is capable of accommodating boing 747 at a time and other 6 aircraft once. The construction of a nice-looking helipad at the end of the southern runway makes it easy for the passenger to successfully access the other major or main runway.

The serene environment of Kigali international airport is comprised of excellent services, smooth running of business operations, give the passenger to this airport a sense of feeling, conformability, relaxed, and comfortable experience as they pass via Kigali international airport whether they are departing or arriving. Visitors and travelers to Rwanda have ranked Kigali international airport on several occasions as the best airport offering the best experience on the African continent.

Facilities at Kigali international airport.

Kigali international airport features classic and clean facilities with hygienic access points, shops for travelers, restaurants, spacious parking areas, a bar, air-conditioned waiting lounge among others. Like the first time visitor, you will be able to see waiting and departure lounges that are clean and well organized that are distinguished by fantastic architectural design, on both sides. The design spreads across all the interior parts of the airport with the interior side consisting of mobile charging ports, Free Wife, well made for café and drinks and snacks, language wrapping, ATM and cash machines, a health center, and better hotels nearby.

Other services at the airport include conveyor belts that facilitate easy movement of passenger language, escalators and lifts are also available. About 15 check-in desks are available and to reduce the congestion and make you’re that you receive the services in time.

It is reportedly that Kigali international airport handles over 10, 0000 passengers daily basis. There are over 22 flights both local and international flights that offer excellent services to passengers as they traverse different parts of the world.

Kigali international airport is served by different international airlines which include Rwanda Air,  Brussels Airlines, Uganda Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, KLM, Qatar Airways, Egypt Air, Emirates, South Africa Airways, Air Canada, Kenya Airways among other different aircraft.

The Rwanda civil aviation authority has its officials at Kigali internal airport main building with Rwanda national carrier having its office in the same building on the second floor.  For safety reasons, Kigali international operates under strict measures to ensure that all passenger going through Kigali international airport is safe and secure. It is also upon you the travelers, to make sure that you have all the necessary travel documents at the airport as you adhere to security guidelines and procedures.

Excellent services provide at Kigali international airport has seen an increase in the number of passengers to Kigali and this has brought in a second thought of expanding the airport. However, the nature of the terrain cannot allow the airport expansion, and these plans underway to have the nearby airport which will be is bigger and better in Busegera south of Kigali.

Getting to Kigali international airport is easy as travelers can access it via the city center by boarding a taxi. At Kigali international airport, there are always stand by airport taxis for hire and these can take you to any destination of your choice in Rwanda.

In terms of tourist visitation, Kigali international airport is the most gateway for tourists visiting different destinations in Rwanda or East and Central Africa. The most prominent destination where visitors can connect via Kigali international airport includes Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla parks in Uganda and Virunga National park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The proximity of these above parks on the Rwandan border makes it easy for the visitor to access them using Kigali International airport as compared to when one used Entebbe internal airport in Uganda or Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kinshasa. For example, you can take about 8-9 hours to access Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda when using Entebbe International Airport while one using Kigali International Airport it will take him or her about 4hours to access these destinations.

The Kigali International Airport is very ideal for travelers wishing to go for mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, D.R. Congo, and Rwanda itself. Just link with a prominent tour operator like Africa Adventure vacations for any guidance of all east and central African Wildlife Safaris.

In conclusion therefore Kigali international Airport is one of the best international airports that you can use to travel to Africa and other parts of the world.

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