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About Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is found in the western part of Rwanda striding to the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo providing comfortable moments to adventurers. The lake features a tropical climate with magnificent sceneries scenic comprising of spacious beaches and other touristic activities. L. Kivu is strategically located to travelers who go for gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park and those for primates and forested walks in Nyungwe forested national park. Therefore the park provides the perfect environment for relaxation and convalescence to travelers on safaris in Rwanda

Lake Kivu is further with the great African rift valley and is bounded by different spectacular mountains that offer magnificent scenic views. On Rwanda’s lakes hierarchy, Lake Kivu is the largest and the 6th largest lake on African continents. Coupled with stress-free and the natural background, Lake Kivu has become popular because of Humming Fishermen. The fishermen at Lake Kivu always do their activities while singing within their fishing boats. The nature of local materials used to make boats makes these boats so attractive for you to have a photo with them.

Although about 58% of L. Kivu is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the rest of Lake’s surface area of about 1370 square kilometers and the rest of the parts are found in Rwanda. Lake Kivu has got very many islands including the world’s tenth island known as Idjwi. Other islands are situated on the side of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some of the islands include Kabehe, Bubahe, Sake, and Goma islands. On Lake, Kivu will also observe islands on Rwandan territory which include Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu islands.

Travelers can schedule their visit to Lake Kivu in Rwanda on their itinerary or weekend visits especially when you’re residing in Rwanda for excursions tours to this lake. Lake Kivu is an astonishingly efficient beautiful interior lake bounded by rolling hills and green islands. You can easily access Lake Kivu from Kigali international Airport and all National parks such as Volcanoes national park, Nyungwe forest national park, and Akagera national park.

Lake Kivu is situated on major tourism circuits which makes it a model stopover for travelers to have better travel experience. The best areas/towns where you can make a stopover en-route to or after the Lake Kivu include;

Gisenyi/Rubavu; this most upgraded town or sites on the famous Lake Kivu. This town has a colonial attachment and the super structural architecture of the town made it so appealing. From Rubavu you can drive less than one hour to access volcanoes National park and it’s almost 2 and 30 minutes from the capital Kigali. The town has nice looking hotels both luxury and budget and sits on sandy beaches with glories palm trees.

Karonji developed town on the shores of the L. kivu which is popularly known for beach tourism by both domestic and internal travelers. In this town, you will experience the hills on the sides which makes it overlooking sites so interesting. The hills are enclosed with forested trees of eucalyptus and terraced banana plantation. All these characteristics make this place so interesting and relaxing to travelers as you listen to fishermen songs while on the fishermen’s activity.

Ruzizi; is one of the towns as well located on the shores of  L. Kivu in Rwanda which is situated in the south of the park. The route /road from Kigali to Ruzizi town is interesting as it wanders around while evasion hills. The terraced hills provide wonderful views of the areas.

Kibuye is situated in the middle of Gisenyi and Cyangugu in the center along the shores of L. Kivu. It has different tourist activities arranged on a contemporary lake-shore guesthouse superintending pine-covered hills, and boat trips from here to Gisenyi. You can contact Africa Adventure Vacations for details about more of these safaris.