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Boat cruise in Akagera National Park Rwanda

Boat cruise in Akagera National Park Rwanda

Boat cruise in Akagera National Park Rwanda

Boat cruise trips in Akagera National park is one of the enthralling activities that tourists visiting Rwanda’s Akagera national park participate in as to encounter or explore different wildlife species as they sail on waters of different lakes within the park.

Akagera national park is one of the places /destinations that best suits travelers who wish to experience the ultimate experience of Rwanda’s wildlife adventure safaris. Akagera national park resurrected from its dark moments that were characterized by rapid forest destruction, encroachments, and animals’ species ceases to exist because of extinction. But currently, the Akagera  National park is the perfect destination that harbors different animals and bird species including it being the home of big five.

The park is a wealth of biodiversity with a large foundation of both plant and animal species Akagera national park is home to over 500 species of birds, over 8000 large mammals including lions, giraffes and more than 100 African elephants, the largest mammals on African land. The park offers a lot of adventure activities to the visitors which include, game drives, boat cruise, bird watching, spot fishing, boat cruise among others.

In deep analysis, Akagera national park provides opportunities with fabulous boat cruises. With boat cruise on Akagera national park, tourists will explore different water bodies like lakes within the park, different bird species, and animals that usually concentrate on water points, especially during hot conditions.

Boat cruise trips in Akagera National park are son fantastic and exploratory. Most of the boat cruise activity is carried out on Lake Ihema within the park. Lake Ihema is situated on the southern side of the park and is the biggest and attractive among all the lakes that are located within the Akagera National Park.

The magnificent Ihema Lake where the boat cruise is conducted covers a surface area of 90 km with a depth of about 6-7 meters. The lake border with Tanzania on the eastern side and is fed by water from river Kagera which as well feeds all other ten lakes located within the park.

Boat cruise trips on Lake Ihema is so attractive and interesting. Travelers will get a chance to see animals such as crocodiles and Hippopotamus. Lake Ihema has got the highest concentration of crocodiles in the whole of east African countries block. This so interesting for people especially travelers who are interested in exploring animals like these to be close to them.

Besides, visitors can get a chance to spot different bird species which are always at either corner of Ihema Lake. The birds that can be spotted include; the jacanas, the great African fish eagle, the hawk, kingfisher, shoe bill stork among very many others.

Lake Ihema in Akagera National park is enclosed by huge seasonal swamps which act as important habitats for the protected animal and plant species and forms birds haven for different bird species. Also in other lakes within the park, the park authorities and management have authorized the fishing activities on such lakes however well regulated.

Boat cruise trips in Akagera  National park especially lake Ihema are can be done in thrice a day that is day boat cruise, morning boat cruise, and the sunset cruise. However, the day boat cruise that starts in the afternoon is the best as most of the animals even those who come for water are seen during this time.

The boat cruise tips in Akagera National park will cost 45 United States dollars per person for one hour for a group of eleven visitors maximum. However, there are chances for you to hire the whole boat on a private basis and this will cost you around 180 United States dollars. Boat safaris can also be taken using the Akagera Park to explore different various species such as hippos and crocodiles. Evening boat cruise costs 35 United States dollars per person.

Akagera national park also offers different accommodation types especially after participating in a boat cruise at Ihema Lake. The accommodation facilities range from luxury, mid-range accommodation and budget accommodation facilities are all available. Most accommodation types include Ruzizi lodge, Akagera game lodge, Magashi safari camp among others.

You can access the Akagera national park through Kigali international airport which is about 110 kilometres away from the park by road. It’s advisable to use a four-wheel-drive vehicle for better ad comfortable safaris.